Ogallala Comfort Company Aspen Extra-Firm Hypodown® Pillow - 900 Fill

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The Ogallala Aspen Extra-Firm Hypodown® Pillow - 900 Fill has been discontinued.

The lush Ogallala Comfort Company Aspen Extra-Firm Hypodown® pillow features a double-layer construction and a 485 thread count cotton sateen cover. The Aspen pillow has a satin piping edging for a touch of elegance. 900 fill power. Available in sizes Standard, Queen and King. See our expert rating & reviews.

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This luxurious Ogallala Comfort Company Aspen Extra-Firm Hypodown® 900-fill pillow is filled with top-of-the-line down that consists of 80% of the finest goose down and 20% Syriaca clusters (the soft hollow fibers of the milkweed plant). This patented fill is hypoallergenic, all natural and forms a down that is warmer, more durable and even more breathable than down on its own. Hypodown® is also moisture wicking—it wicks moisture away from your body faster than other down or synthetic pillows, providing better breathability so you'll sleep more comfortably. This deluxe Aspen pillow by Ogallala features a 485 thread count cotton sateen cover that is extremely soft and comfortable to lay on. In addition, the Aspen Extra-Firm Hypodown® pillow features a satin piping edging for an extra touch of elegance in your bedroom. Available in sizes Standard, Queen and King. These beautiful Aspen pillows are hand crafted and made to last—they come with a manufacturer's 15-year guarantee.

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  • Has asthma or allergies and wants a high-quality down pillow that will not trigger an allergic reaction
  • Is seeking a pillow with the highest fill power and double-layered construction for support and comfort
  • Needs a down pillow that has been hypoallergenic tested by allergy and asthma doctors to be reaction free
  • Wants a down pillow that meets and/or exceeds the U.S. standard down-testing requirements

  • Firmness: extra firm
  • Double-layer construction
  • Hypodown® 900 fill
  • 80% goose down and 20% Syriaca clusters
  • 485 thread count, cotton sateen fabric
  • Hand-crafted design
  • Satin piping edging
  • Responsible Down Standard Certified
  • OEKO-TEX® certified
  • Available in sizes Standard, Queen and King
  • Manufacturer's 15-year guarantee

Hypodown® is Hypoallergenic
Goose down can cause allergic reactions in some people. It is not the down that does this, however, but rather it is the dust particles remaining on the down after washing and processing. Our duvets and pillows are guaranteed by the manufacturer to be hypoallergenic. This is accomplished by combining syriaca clusters (commonly known as milkweed) with the down. The syriaca clusters enhance the natural properties of the down as well as stabilize the components that cause people to suffer down allergies.

Note: Hypodown® has been tested in the offices of Allergy and Asthma Doctors in the United States and Europe. These tests prove that most people who are allergic to down can use Hypodown® without having a reaction.

Syriaca Syriaca clusters are hypoallergenic and stabilize the components in down that cause allergic reactions. Syriaca floss is a natural hollow fiber that is hypo-allergenic by itself. When syriaca floss and goose down are combined, the floss traps and suppresses the dust and dander to which some people have allergic reactions to. These clusters actually enhance the natural properties of down and are a fantastic fill for comforters and pillows. Syriaca clusters are cleaned and separated from the pods through mechanical action and air. No chemicals are used. It takes 800 pods to make one pound of Syriaca clusters.
Down has natural enemies. For instance, the humidity in your house, lotion, hair conditioner and the body perspiration all weigh down the filaments in down. If your pillow seems to be going flat, clumping and/or separating, it is most likely moisture or oil robbing it of its original loft. Laundering the product should adequately clean it and bring back its original fluffiness; however, this is not a guarantee. DO NOT DRY CLEAN. The chemicals used actually break down the composition of down fiber. The more you clean your product, the more you will actually cause breakdown of the natural product. Therefore, spot cleaning is the best practice for cleaning down products. When professional laundering is needed to keep your Ogallala product luxurious, we recommend Blanc Plume French Laundry 1-800-307-0229 for guaranteed cleaning results.

The At-Home Laundering Instruction - the “do-it-yourself” laundering approach is at your own risk and does void any warranty coverage. We would highly recommend to leave the laundering to the professionals. However, if you are feeling brave, here’s how:
  • Use a large-capacity front-loading washing machine. DO NOT use a top-loading washing machine.
  • Detergent must be an approved down-wash, such as Down Wash (by Le Blanc), or Dreft. DO NOT use Woolite. Washing machine settings should be on cold water, and cycle should be DELICATE or HAND WASH.
  • After the first cycle is complete, run the cycle again without detergent to ensure all of the soap is removed.
  • Dry in a large-capacity dryer at medium heat for a minimum of 6-8 hours, checking every 30 minutes to pull apart down clumps. When you think your comforter or pillow is dry, put it back into the dryer for one or two more cycles. Yes – you just read that right! DO NOT attempt to air dry since it will not dry quickly enough and will cause mildew.
Goose down has little to no odor. If it does not say goose down on the law label, It is most likely duck down and a lot less expensive. Hypodown only utilizes high quality goose down. The down and syriaca in these pillows are the cleanest, least treated fibers we could find anywhere. The down is de-dusted and gently washed up to 8 times in an environmentally friendly cleansing solution and rinsed three times. This cleaning process renders the down pH neutral. This is the most hypoallergenic down pillows we could find - due to the quality of materials used, cleaning process and the addition of the natural syriaca clusters.

Thread count of pillow:
These beautiful hypo-allergenic European goose down pillows have a thread count of 485. Thread count is the number of threads per inch of a fabric. The higher the count, the smoother and silkier the fabric feels. The higher thread count also provides a stronger barrier to any of the fill escaping from the pillow.

How are Hypodown® pillows made?

  • Down is harvested during the natural molting process from farm raised geese; the cleanest, fluffiest down is sought after
  • The processing team captures large syriaca clusters extracted from the finest pods in U.S. farms, and transfers them to the patented Hypodown Blender
  • The Hypodown blender combines the syriaca clusters and goose down
  • Forced air whirls and twirls, mixing the two fibers creating Hypodown
  • A 485 thread count double pillow shell is unbleached, undyed ecru colored 100% cotton fabric, specially constructed to contain the hypodown fill

OEKO-TEX® Standard:
OEKO-TEX® standard is an independent test and certification system for all types of textiles tested for harmful substances. The standards are globally binding and reviewed/modified/expanded each year. The test parameters include: (1) substances banned by law, (2) substances regulated by law, (3) substances know to be harmful to health which have not yet been explicitly regulated by law, and (4) parameters for safeguarding health.

OEKO-TEX® products are tested for formaldehyde, pesticides, extractable heavy metals, organochloride carriers as well as preservatives such as tetra and pentachlorophenol. Textiles are also tested for banned carcinogenic and proven allergenic substances and must have skin-friendly pH values and acceptable color fastness.

The OEKO-TEX® test and certification system is centrally issued by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. There are 16 independent accredited facilities for textile testing and research and the Association currently operates 50 contact offices in all important global regions of textile production.
The Ogallala Comfort Company Aspen Extra-Firm Hypodown® pillow provides comfortable support and a beautiful design that will look great with your bedding. This pillow is hypoallergenic, ensuring you will not have any allergic reactions to the unique and clean interior fill of goose down and Syriaca (milkweed) clusters. Its soft, 485 thread count cover offers a soft place to lay your head on with the support you need for a restful night's sleep. Plus, the Aspen pillow by Ogallala is backed by a manufacturer's 15-year guarantee, so you know you'll get the comfort and support you need for years to come.


  • Hypodown® is moisture wicking—it wicks moisture away from the body 30% faster than down alone and 70% faster than synthetics, encouraging breathability
  • Hypodown® pillows are hypoallergenic so they won't cause an allergic reaction—great for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • The 485 thread count cotton sateen fabric cover is super soft, providing a comfortable surface to lay your head on
  • Its 900 fill, double-layer construction cradles your head while you're sleeping, ensuring you'll stay comfortable throughout the night
  • The satin edged piping adds a bit of elegance and design to your bedding
  • The manufacturer offers a long, 15-year guarantee


The Ogallala Comort Company Aspen Extra-Firm Hypodown® pillow offers comfortable support with an elegant design that will look nice in any bedroom. The Aspen Extra-Firm pillow is hypoallergenic with its uniquely-blended fill that consists of 80% goose down and 20% Syriaca (milkweed) clusters that are completely clean and free of any dust particles—these particles are the main reason why people have allergic reactions to down. The Aspen extra-firm pillow by Ogallala Comfort Company has a luxuriously-soft, 485 thread count cotton sateen cover that is soft to the touch, providing you with the most comfortable surface to rest your head on at night. This beautiful pillow is hand crafted and made to last—it is backed by a manufacturer's 15-year guarantee.

Ogallala Aspen Extra-Firm Hypodown® Pillow - 900 Fill


Ogallala Aspen Extra-Firm Hypodown® Pillow - 900 Fill

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  Ogallala Aspen Extra-Firm Hypodown® Pillow - 900 Fill

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Size Dimensions (inches) 900 Fill Weight
Standard 20" x 26" 19 oz.
Queen 20" x 30" 24 oz.
King 20" x 36" 28 oz.

Ogallala guarantees their products to be free from defects in the fabric and construction, materials and craftsmanship for a period of 15 years from the date of purchase. This warranty does not extend to the filling material inside of the products, as the life of a product really depends on personal use. Scrunching, bunching, and folding your product can break it down substantially over a period of years, and may diminish the loft of the filling material in general. The use of a duvet cover is required to maintain your warranty. We are not responsible for incidental damages, such as tears in the fabric, signs of abuse, improper care or cleaning, or for fabric worn by perspiration, oils, or fragrance. The product has to retain the Ogallala law label and care label.

Please Note: Opened bedding is not returnable unless covered under the warranty.