MondoVap® 2400 Steam Vapor System

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Chemicals used to disinfect surfaces creates a residue where microbes thrive. By using the MondoVap® 2400 Steam Vapor System you no longer have to use chemical to disinfect surfaces. The MondoVap uses ordinary tap water and heats it within the boiler, creating a vapor steam that kills germs and other pathogens on contact. Harsh dangerous chemicals are not needed to disinfect surfaces. It contains a reservoir that is pumped into the boiler, meaning you are able to fill the unit while in use. No need to wait until the machine is at operating temperatures to refill. This allows for the machine to be used continuously, thus saving time. Unit includes TANCS (Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation), which modifies the minerals in tap water to clean and disinfect. 

TANCS is EPA approved and has the following benefits:
  • Results are dramatic and virtually immediate.
  • Because the process is so effective, results last longer between cleanings.
  • Steam vapor reaches into microscopic pores where topical chemical applications and scrubbing would never reach.
  • Saves time and effort.
  • Simplification of cleaning protocols— no disinfectant mixing, storage, disposal concerns, lengthy dwell time requirements, or confusing label directions.
  • Elimination and control of the biofilms that resist typical disinfectants.
  • Reduces chemical exposure risks.
  • Destruction of embedded bacteria and germs that cause lingering odor with traditional cleaning methods.
  • Minerals are utilized by TANCS® instead of building up on internal components. The resulting elimination of scale allows for an extended warranty on the steam boiler.
  • Disinfecting powers reach far beyond what you can see.

MondoVap® 2400 Steam Vapor System

The Mondo Includes TANCS which turns the minerals in normal tap water into a germ and bacterial killing machine. Easy to maintain with continuous fill technology. This unit performs better than chemicals to clean surfaces. It can not be used on heat sensitive surfaces.

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The Advance Vaper MondoVap® 2400 Steam Vapor System is a commercial unit that uses ordinary tap water to disinfect surfaces. It's an ideal system to have because it does what chemicals do in a few minutes in a matter of seconds, leaving no residue for microbes to grow. You gain the confidence that the surfaces cleaned by this workhorse are free from viruses and germs. 

  • Pressure: 98 psi
  • Temp: 220 - 230
  • Boiler Vol:2 qts
  • Reservoir: 3 qts
  • Power: 1,500 Watts
  • Commercial Unit
  • 45 Piece Commercial Accessories

MondoVap® 2400 Steam Vapor System


MondoVap® 2400 Steam Vapor System

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  MondoVap® 2400 Steam Vapor System

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