Miele Dynamic U1 Twist Vacuum Cleaner

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The Miele Dynamic U1 Twist Vacuum Cleaner has been discontinued.

The Miele Dynamic U1 Twist Vacuum Cleaner has been discontinued. As an alternative we recommend the Miele Dynamic U1 Maverick Vacuum Cleaner. Accessories available for purchase below.


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Everyone would love a Miele vacuum cleaner but not everyone loves the high price tag that accompanies one. As a solution, Miele has created the Dynamic U1 Twist upright vacuum cleaner. This entry level version of the luxury Dynamic U1 upright vacuum cleaners features the same ultra maneuverability and user friendliness of the Dynamic U1 Auto Eco and Jazz but lacks a couple of the extra features in order to offer a great lower price. The spirit blue Twist features Miele's patented Swivel Neck™ design paired with 360° swivel front casters, retracting rear wheels and an ergonomic handle to deliver maximum agility and require minimum exertion from the user. Its quality sealed filtration system utilizes a Super Air Clean filter and 5.45 qt AirClean self-sealing dust bag. The Twist includes automatic carpet height adjustment, 4-stage suction control, finger tip brush roll and power controls, 12 ft. extra reach hose, stainless steel telescopic suction wand and three full-size on-board accessory tools. Despite the lack of HEPA filtration and LED headlights, the Dynamic U1 Twist upright vacuum cleaner still provides a complete cleaning solution with all the necessities.

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  • Wants a Miele upright vacuum cleaner and is willing to sacrifice a few extra features for a lower price point
  • Wants a quality upright vacuum cleaner that is made from a leading Vacuum Manufacturer
  • Wants a reliable upright vacuum cleaner that is versatile, durable and easy to use

  • Spirit Blue
  • Powerful 2-motor system
  • Rotary dial suction control with 4 power settings
  • Power on/off and brush roll controls on handle
  • Automatic carpet height adjustment accommodates a variety of floor types
  • Patented SwivelNeck™ technology for maximum maneuverability
  • Exclusive AirClean Sealed System™ construction
  • 5.45 qt. AirClean filter bag with spring-loaded self-sealing bag closure
  • Choice Filtration:
    • AirClean Filter made of multi-ply material which is electrostatically charged to retain 94% of particles down to 0.3 microns
    • Active HEPA Filter with Activated Charcoal layer to capture and retain 99.99% of particles down to 0.3 microns, and absorb odors
  • 3 integrated onboard accessory tools: natural bristle dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, 12" long crevice tool
  • Filter change indicator
  • Motor protection indicator
  • 54 ft. cleaning radius
  • 39 ft. power cord
  • 12 ft. integrated flexible hose
  • Lightweight aluminum telescopic wand
  • 360-degree swivel front castor wheels
  • Anti-tip parking device for enhanced stability when using hose, wand and tools for above floor cleaning
  • Reinforced ergonomic handle for both operation and carrying
  • Good Housekeeping seal of approval

Rotary dial suction controls

Onboard Accessory Tools

Easy Extended Reach Cleaning

Change dust bag as indicated by the vacuum bag full indicator on the vacuum cleaner. Whenever you start a new box of Miele dust bags, you should change the pre-motor filter and the Super Air Clean Filter. A new pre-motor filter and Super Air Clean Exhaust Filter is included in every box of Miele dust bags.
1. Filtration Efficiency
2. Cleaning Power and Effectiveness
3. Easy to Use Controls
4. Noise Level
5. Maneuverability
6. Ease of Assembly & Attaching and Removing Parts and Accessories
7. Quality of Floor Tools
8. Quality of Accessory Tools
9. Quality of Dust Bags
10. Durability
11. Cleaning Radius
12. Warranty
13. Value for Price

We have been waiting for Miele to come out with an upright that compares to their canisters and they finally have. It seems they analyzed everything a person would want in an upright vacuum and included it in their design. They created the Dynamic U1 Twist model for those who want the Miele quality and design at a lower price. To make the Twist more affordable Miele removed the automatic suction setting that detects and adjusts the speed of the motor to the type of floor surface you are cleaning, removed the 8 LED Headlights, replaced the electronic suction controls with a rotary dial, and replaced the HEPA filter with the Super Air Clean filter.


  • 4-Stage Suction and Automatic Height Adjustment: makes it possible to clean every floor surface from tile or hardwood floors to shag or delicate natural fiber rugs and carpet.
  • Quality filtration system: through the quality of raw materials, construction and use of the most hi-tech AirClean™ vacuum bags and filters, Miele's filtration systems go above and beyond all others. (The Twist's Super Air Clean Filter can be replaced with S7 HEPA filter for better filtration - sold separately below)
  • Ultra maneuverability: the new Swivel Neck design paired with other thoughtful improvements to the upright vacuum design enhance the overall maneuverability allowing the vacuum to glide over, around, and under just about anything, all while requiring little exertion from the operator.
  • Equipped for all floor types: the 12" spring loaded brush roll adjusts to clean all types of carpets and rugs, and the ability to turn off the brush roller allows the vacuum to safely clean delicate hard floor surfaces and coverings.
  • Easy above floor cleaning: 12 foot extended hose, telescopic stainless steel wand, and the extra long 39 foot power cord gives you a 54 foot cleaning radius which lets you easily clean stairs, furniture, curtains and ceiling corners.
  • No worries of tipping: the anti-tip feature keeps the vacuum from falling over while you move around cleaning with the wand.
  • Extra large capacity vacuum bags: hold a lot of dirt so you do not have to change the bag frequently and a handy indicator lets you know when its full so you can get maximum use out of each bag.


  • The Dynamic U1 Twist lacks some of the extra features found on the other Dynamic U1's such as the 8 LED headlights, HEPA filtration, filter change indicator and automatic suction adjustment, but it's lower price is a reflection of the lack of these features
  • Like most upright vacuums, the Twist is a bit heavy to carry weighting in at 22 lbs


I used the Dynamic U1 Twist in my home and was impressed at how easily it was to adjust the suction settings as needed as I switched from bare floors to different area rugs and wall to wall carpeting. We missed the automatic setting that is on the Dynamic U1 Auto Eco model that eliminates the need to adjust the suction settings as one changes cleaning surfaces. I noticed particularly, the Miele brought back to life an area rug in one of the upstairs bedrooms raising the nap that had not been seen in a long time. Like most upright vacuums, it is a bit heavy especially when I needed to go upstairs to continue to clean. The 12 foot extended hose with the anti-tip feature is unbelievable as it allows you to stretch the hose as far as you’d like and there was no need to worry about the vacuum falling over. The telescopic stainless steel wand made it so easy to reach the cobwebs at the ceiling and the top of the molding along the floor. We would have liked it if the end of the steel wand had some rubber or plastic on it to soften the impact as one needed to be careful not to scratch the floor or the paint on the walls. Of course, the on board crevice tool or dusting brush could be attached to eliminate this issue but I am an impatient cleaner who likes to do my non-floor cleaning on the fly. Although heavy, the swivel neck and weight distribution in the design allows it to flow along the cleaning surface effortlessly and change direction at will. I was amazed when I needed to get under a bureau and the Miele lowered to the floor to allow me to clean the area. In conclusion, Miele has successfully designed an upright vacuum that is easy to use yet does an incredible job at cleaning. They thought of everything when making this vacuum from the anti-tip feature and fingertip controls to the swivel neck design and spring loaded brush roll. Now, with the Dynamic U1 Twist model they have made it possible for one to afford the quality and design of a Miele.

Miele Dynamic U1 Twist Vacuum Cleaner


Miele Dynamic U1 Twist Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Dynamic U1 Twist Vacuum Cleaner

Technical Specifications of Miele Dynamic U1 Twist Vacuum Cleaner

  Miele Dynamic U1 Twist Vacuum Cleaner
Motor (watts)
Motor (watts) 1200 watt Miele-made Vortex Motor
Power supply of vacuums
Power supply of vacuums 120V, 60HZ, 12A
Pre-motor filter for motor protection
Pre-motor filter for motor protection Yes
Vacuum brush speed (rotations per minute)
Vacuum brush speed (rotations per minute) High-speed 4,800 RPM powerbrush
Radius of Use (reach)
Radius of Use (reach) 54 ft.
Included standard vacuum filter
Included standard vacuum filter Super AirClean Filter or Active HEPA Filter (AH 30)
Vacuum bag capacity
Vacuum bag capacity 5.45 qt.
Cleaning width
Cleaning width 12' brush roll
Power cord length
Power cord length 39 ft.
Vacuum Dimensions
Vacuum Dimensions 46"H x 13.5"W x 12"D
Weight of vacuum
Weight of vacuum 22 lbs
Model Dynamic U1 Twist
Warranty 2 years for parts and labor
7 years for motor and casing

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Filters & Accessories for Miele Dynamic U1 Twist Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Type U AirClean™ Vacuum Bags

Includes 4 dustbags, 1 pre-motor filter and 1 standard filter. 9-layer filter bags with spring‐loaded, self‐locking collar. 5.45 qt. capacity. Fits Miele S7000 & Dynamic U1 Upright Vacuums.

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Miele Vacuum Cleaner Hand Turbobrush

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