Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition Vacuum Cleaner

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The Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition Vacuum Cleaner has been discontinued.

The C3 Limited Vacuum Cleaner is no longer being made. As an alternative we recommend the Miele Complete C2 Limited Edition. Replacement bags & filters are available below.

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For a limited time only Miele is offering this incredible deal from their top-of-the-line Complete C3 series. With all the quality and detail that Miele is know for, this Limited Edition vacuum is available at just a fraction of the price. The Complete C3 Limited Edition canister vacuum features a Turbo Comfort turbobrush with an air-driven rotating roller brush, which loosens the dirt in the floor. This German made Limited Edition vacuum is ultra-quiet, lightweight yet durable, and nothing can beat Miele's exclusive 12-stage AirClean Sealed System™ that retains 99.9% of dirt, dust and lung damaging particles inside the machine. The Miele C3 is the ideal vacuum cleaner for homes with hard floors and low to medium pile area rugs. It comes packaged with a Turbo brush, Combination carpet/smooth floor brush, and three integrated accessory tools. The Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition canister vacuum is only available while supplies last.

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  • 6 suction settings with +/- footswitch pedals
  • Standard ergonomic handle
  • 1200 watt, low-noise, high output Miele-made Vortex Motor System™
  • Lightweight skeleton construction
  • AirClean Sealed System™ Design retains 99.9% of particles inside the vacuum
  • AirClean filter captures 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 micron
  • Large capacity, AirClean filter bag w/ spring-loaded, self-sealing collar - type G/N, 4.76 qt.
  • AllTeQ Combination floor brush (SBD285-3) perfect for carpets and smooth surfaces
  • Turbo Comfort turbobrush (STB205-3) with air-driven brush roller - recommended for use on low-pile or cut-pile carpet and rugs
  • 3 accessory tools: crevice nozzle, dusting brush, upholstery tool
  • Integrated tool storage compartment
  • Non-electric, telescopic, stainless steel wand
  • Bag change (airflow) indicator light
  • Long power cord with one-touch automatic rewind
  • Three smooth-running 360° swivel casters
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Impressive 36-foot operating radius
  • Made in Germany

Designed, engineered and built in Germany.
1. Filtration Efficiency
2. Cleaning Power and Effectiveness
3. Easy to Use Controls
4. Noise Level
5. Maneuverability
6. Ease of Assembly & Attaching and Removing Parts and Accessories
7. Quality of Floor Tools
8. Quality of Accessory Tools
9. Quality of Dust Bags
10. Durability
11. Cleaning Radius
12. Warranty
13. Value for Price

In true spirit of the Miele slogan 'Immer Besser', Miele produced a vacuum cleaner series that has "no compromises". The C3 series is lighter, quieter and offers improved cleaning performance. The C3 vacuums improve upon the user-friendly features of the C2 series with an enhanced design and extra perks. This series is expertly designed and engineered to maximize the users' vacuuming experience. The new C3 Limited Edition vacuum is available for a short time only.


  • Unmatched AirClean sealed filtration system keeps air fresh
  • Lightweight and compact design makes maneuvering simple and easy
  • Powerful performance Vortex Motor with low-noise operation
  • Turbo brush loosens dirt and hair from carpets
  • Impressive 36-foot cleaning radius for cleaning larger rooms
  • Easily Switch from hard floors to carpet with just a push of a button
  • 3D bumper to protect against scruffs and scratches
  • Unmatched quality and reliability


  • Only available while supplies last
  • HEPA filter is optional and does not come standard
  • No filter change indicator
  • No automatic suction setting
  • No deluxe operating handle


A rare find - Miele has just introduced this new Limited Edition canister vacuum to their top-of-the-line C3 series at a much lower price. While staying true to the quality and performance that Miele is known for, this new Complete C3 Limited Edition vacuum at an incredible price does not disappoint. The new C3 offers Miele's unique AirClean filtration system capturing and retaining over 99.9 percent of lung damaging particles. Features also include a Turbo Comfort turbobrush and a combination rug and floor brush, ideal for low to medium pile rugs, area rugs and all smooth surfaces. Only available while supplies last.

Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition Vacuum Cleaner


Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition Vacuum Cleaner

Technical Specifications of Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition Vacuum Cleaner

  Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition Vacuum Cleaner
Motor (watts)
Motor (watts) 1200 watt Miele-made Vortex Motor
Power supply of vacuums
Power supply of vacuums 120V, 60HZ, 10.5A
Radius of Use (reach)
Radius of Use (reach) 36 ft.
Included Standard Floor tool(s)
Included Standard Floor tool(s) Turbo Comfort Turbobrush (STB205-3)
AllTeQ Combination floor brush (SBD285-3)
Included cleaning tool(s)
Included cleaning tool(s) Dusting brush, Upholstery tool, Crevice tool
Included standard vacuum filter
Included standard vacuum filter AirClean filter (SF-AA 50)
Vacuum wand
Vacuum wand Telescopic stainless steel wand
Vacuum bag capacity
Vacuum bag capacity 4.76 qt.
Power cord length
Power cord length 21.4 ft.
Vacuum Dimensions
Vacuum Dimensions 19"L x 10.5"W x 8.5"H
Weight of vacuum
Weight of vacuum 12 lbs.
Model Complete C3 Limited Edition
Warranty 7-year for motor & casing, 1-yr on all other components

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Filters & Accessories for Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Type GN AirClean™ Vacuum Bags

Includes 4 dustbags, 1 pre-filter, 1 standard filter. Fits Miele S400, S600, S2000, S5000, S8000, Classic C1, Complete C2, & Complete C3 series canister vacuums. 9-layer filter bags with spring-loaded, self-locking collar. 4.76 qt capacity.

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Miele Active AirClean Filter (SF-AA 50)

Includes 1 Active Air Clean filter with active charcoal cassette for absorbing pet odors while retaining pet hair, dander and dirt. Fits Miele S8, S6, S5, S4 canister vacuums. Replace every 6-12 months.

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Miele Type GN FilterBags & AirClean HEPA HA50 Filter Performance Pack

Includes 16 Miele Type GN FilterBags™ and 1 AirClean™ HEPA HA50 Filter. Compatible with Miele Classic C1, Complete C2 and Complete C3 vacuum cleaners.

Availability: In Stock. Ships Same or Next Business Day.




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