Mabis Vaporizers Steam Inhaler

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Mabis Vaporizer Steam Inhaler provides natural, safe and effective therapy to relieve symptoms due to allergies, sinusitis, cold or flu. Steam Inhaler produces a soothing steady steam vapor, great for the whole family. Electrical powered. Latex free small breathing mask or Facial Spa mask available.

Mabis Vaporizer Steam Inhaler

Powered Vaporizer Steam Inhaler helps relieve allergy, cold, flu and sinusitis symptoms. Includes soft, flexible mask that covers the mouth and nose.

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Help relieve allergy, cold or flu systems as well as sinus, throat and respiratory irritations with soothing steam vapor. The Steam Inhaler by Mabis heats up within 60 seconds to delivers a steady steam vapor with adjustable steam output. It is fast and simple to use. A steam therapy session lasts between 6-9 minutes. Steam therapy is a safe, natural and calming way to get relief and can be enjoyed by the whole family. The soft flexible mask is latex free. Can be used with saline or aromatherapy for additional benefits. Choose the steam inhaler paired with the Facial Spa mask to cleanse, hydrate and relax your skin just like the luxurious steam spa treatments.
  • Suffers from allergies, asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis, rhinitis or sinusitis
  • Wants a natural way to relieve inflammation and upper respiratory congestion
  • Wants a steam inhaler that is electric powered so it produces a consistent steam vapor

  • Helps provide natural, safe and effective therapy to relieve symptoms due to: allergies, bronchitis, colds, flu, laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis and more
  • Produces a soothing, steady flow of steam
  • Heats up in approximately 1 minute and delivers consistent steam vapor for 6-9 minute of therapy
  • Variable steam adjustment creates small or large sized steam particles
  • Extension tube retracts or extends for temperature control
  • Convenient indicator light on unit to show when its on
  • Can be used for aromatherapy - includes aromatherapy tank
  • Ideal for use by the whole family
  • Includes measuring cup to ensure proper water level when filling the internal water chamber
  • Generous 5’ power cord with on/off power switch
  • Includes soft, flexible mask that goes over mouth and nose and conforms to face for a custom fit
  • Optional Facial Spa Mask:
    • Relax and hydrate skin
    • Luxurious spa experience
    • Cleanse away impurities
    • Feel refreshed
    • Experience healthier skin

Vaporizer Steam Inhaler:
Simply add tap water to the internal chamber using the measuring cup provided. Turn the unit on and within 1 minute the water will gently boil producing a strong, steady flow of warm moist air. Retract or extend the extension tube to adjust the temperature of the steam. Adjust the variable steam control to change the intensity of the steam, creating small or large sized steam particles for a truly customized treatment. Place your mouth in front of the mask and breathe in the comfort of warm vapor mist. Relief is on its way in only 6-9 minutes of treatment.

Facial Spa Mask:
The facial mask easily attaches to the Mabis steam inhaler in place of the small breathing mask. Lower your face into the soft, flexible mask and it will channel the warm mist though out the entire face providing a more youthful appearance and radiant skin. Treatment time last 6-9 minutes.
Rinse out the parts before and after each use. Wipe the steam inhaler using a soft, slightly moistened cloth. Never submerge in water. Cleaning agents may damage the unit and parts.
Why Steam Inhalation?
Steam inhalation has been used to effectively treat respiratory conditions and to relieve the symptoms associated with the common cold, flu, laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis and bronchitis. It is also ideal for the treatment of allergies and hay fever. This natural approach helps relive inflammation and upper respiratory congestion by loosening secretions and reducing mucous levels. Muscles relax, coughing and throat irritation subsides.

For years, skin care experts have been promoting the benefits of steam mist. Now you can enjoy these time-tested, luxurious steam mist treatments in the comfort of your own home. Weekly steam treatments will help you feel refreshed, cleanse away impurities and experience healthier skin.


  • Easy to operate. It comes with a small measuring cup for proper amount of water use
  • Starts producing steam within 60 seconds
  • Constant flow of warm steam mist
  • Produces steam for about 9 minutes with 6 minutes of high flow steam
  • Moisturizes dry sinuses and helps relieve congestion from a cold or flu
  • Optional facial mask is great for relaxing or for an at home steam facial
  • Unit is easy to take apart to fill and clean


  • Makes some sputtering sounds as it warms up and gets going
  • Not much difference in the steam control settings
  • Slightly awkward to use because you have to hunch over the unit to keep your mouth and nose in the mask. You could hold it but your arm will get tired.


I am happy to say this is one of the better personal steam vaporizers I have used. Since it is motorized it produces a constant stream of steam and heats up fairly quickly. Though it does start producing some steam within 60 seconds, I found that it takes a couple of minutes before you get the nice steady output of steam. Once it gets going it is really nice. I think the steam is just the right temperature and it is a fine mist that does not spit hot water droplets which can be dangerous. The steam works wonders at soothing dry sinuses and making you feel better when you are congested with a cold, and it’s a whole lot quicker and more efficient than steaming up the bathroom. I did not see much difference between the steam control setting for small or large particle steam, though it appears more steam comes out when placed in the small particle setting. The adjustable neck does not do much for making the unit any more comfortable to use, but it does slightly change the temperature of the steam. When the neck of the unit is fully extended it reduces the temperature of the steam slightly - when the neck is fully extended the steam is a bit cooler. As with many personal steam inhalers, it is not super comfortable to use because it sets on a table top and you have to bend over and position yourself so your mouth and nose are in the mask of the unit. Ideally it would be nice if the unit could accommodate you while sitting in a comfortable position. This could happen if you hold the unit but it gets heavy fast, so it's better if you just bend to accommodate the unit. Luckily, the steam session only last for 6-9 minutes so it's not that bad. As a side note, I recommend reading the instructions before using. They are short but have some good information about how much water to use, where to add aromatherapy or saline solution, and what the steam controls actually do. I would recommend purchasing the facial steam mask with the steam inhaler as a set if you like steam relaxation or would like a natural way to open your pores and cleanse away skin impurities.

Mabis Vaporizer Steam Inhaler


Mabis Vaporizer Steam Inhaler

Technical Specifications of Mabis Vaporizer Steam Inhaler

  Mabis Vaporizer Steam Inhaler
Power 300 watts
Water Heater Tank Capacity
Water Heater Tank Capacity 25 ml
Aromotherapy Tank Capacity
Aromotherapy Tank Capacity 60 ml
Water Boiling Time
Water Boiling Time 60 seconds
Operation Time
Operation Time 6-9 minutes
Steam Temperature
Steam Temperature 109.0 deg F
Dimensions 5.12" x 3.75" x 10"
Weight 1.5 lbs

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Mabis Steam Inhaler Facial Mask

Includes 1 facial spa mask for the use with the Mabis Steam Inhaler. Facial Spa Mask will cleanse and refresh your skin to help make it healthier. Mask fits over your whole face. Latex free.

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