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Ladybug Steam Cleaners

Ladybug Vapor Steam Cleaners offers the dependability and power of hot water extraction. With their patented TANCS technology, they produce nothing but pure, safe, and healthy water vapor to clean your home. The patented Ladybug Ladybug 2200S is one of the best brands in the market. They are well built, powerful, and extremely efficient in cleaning any type of grout, tile, hardwood, vinyl flooring, carpet, and more. You can use them on almost any surface without fear of damaging it or leaving it a dusty and unhealthy environment.

They have the power to remove stains and dirt, kills bed bugs, mold, dust mites, bacteria, and germs by only using pure water and no abrasive market chemicals! Ladybug uses patented techniques that are environmentally friendly and completely safe for your family and pets. Vapor Steam cleaners use state-of-the-art steam technology that leaves your house cleaner than you ever thought possible! They use high temperature and constant steam pressure to clean tile, grout, and more.

Most vapor steam cleaners do not require you to use chemicals. Most companies also offer warranties on their products. Ladybug offers a lifetime warranty on the tank. If you are interested in purchasing a quality cleaner, try a Ladybug steam cleaner, one of the best brands of steam cleaners on the market today!

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The Ladybug steam cleaner line offers a number of models, and those with the TANCS option are EPA certified as disinfectants, a revolutionary patented process achieved with vapor steam and not chemicals; perfect for allergy sufferers and those with MCS. Choose one of these hardworking multi purpose steam cleaners for all your everyday tough cleaning problems. Go to our product pages for more details and rave reviews by our experts and customers. We have offered Ladybug steam cleaners for over ten years, and while we offer other brands, nothing comes close in terms of the quality, reliability and performance.

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Ladybug steam cleaners are manufactured in Italy, the home of steam cleaning appliances. This brand of steam cleaners will not disappoint you. Our staff has used LadyBug steam cleaners for over ten years and their machines are still going strong without a hiccup! Customers have reported using the LadyBug steam cleaner for a myriad of very tough cleaning problems with great success, and this brand garners a very high level of customer satisfaction. The LadyBug is a bit more expensive than some steam cleaners but well worth it.

Tancs Process found in LadyBug Steam Cleaners Explained


Steam cleaners have always been used both to clean and sanitize a wide variety of surfaces in a single operation. And now it has been made even more effective with the innovative, patented “TANCS” addition to the LadyBug and LadyBug XL steam cleaner line. It is now the ultimate microbe killer – a chemical free disinfectant. These steam cleaners with the “TANCS” system installed are unique because they are the only vapor steam cleaners to have an EPA Establishment Number registering them as an official disinfectant device that can disinfect without the use of chemicals. With TANCS you can create a more pathogen* free home without using harmful chemicals (a pathogen refers to any microbes that can make you sick).

With this new steam cleaning process, the molecular shapes are restructured and the minerals that are present in regular tap or well water are being so highly activated by the heat that they act like microscopic cleaning “bombs”. These microscopic nano “bombs” appear to break down the cell membranes of viruses and bacteria to allow the heat to penetrate and destroy the microorganisms much more effectively and efficiently than before.

Compared with direct applied water and chemical disinfection or more traditional steam cleaners, this method of steam cleaning kills thousands of times better and with tremendously greater speed. In fact with regular use, the cleanliness approaches sterilization. And since you are killing so many more bacteria and viruses without leaving behind any residue, the surfaces you clean will remain cleaner longer and will be easier and faster to clean in the future.

Because this unique process changes the mineral structure and prevents scaling inside the boiler, the boiler warranty on the LadyBug TANCS steam cleaners have been extended from 3 years to 8 years and the warranty on all other the parts has been extended from 1 year to 3 years. Even if you don’t necessarily need the extra sanitation power of TANCS, you are receiving a 5-year extended boiler warranty protection for a very reasonable price per year. And the additional benefits are the speed and efficiency with which you can kill germs and bacteria, savings in electrical costs, increased life span of the steam cleaner, and cleaned surfaces that will stay cleaner for a longer period of time while promoting a healthier indoor environment.

Ladybug Steam Cleaner Uses for the Home
By Mercia Tapping

I have used a LadyBug steam cleaner now for over a decade with no maintenance problems and it has always risen to the occasion. This is really only a few of the uses I put the LadyBug to one summer.

• Ants. We had ants late one summer of everywhere. I destroyed the ants’ nests outside on the patio with the LadyBug team cleaner and blew some steam down some crevices where I could see they were crawling into the house as well as hunting them down on the floor. This was a much healthier, non-toxic alternative to spraying RAID which my husband had decided to do one day.

• Weeds in Patio. Also this last fall, I tackled weeds in the crevices in our patio by applying steam to them. If my neighbors had seen me, no doubt they would have thought me crazy- but it works nicely without spraying chemicals all over the place.

• Cleaning the Outdoor Grill. It takes a flare up before my husband decides to clean our grill, which we use both summer and winter but under pressure he cleans the grill, and then gets quite obsessive about it and the tough brush kit of the LadyBug works fabulously well.

• Stained Throw. I have a very beautiful Siamese Blue Point cat named Truffles who blotted his copy book one day by searching out my silk and velvet throw by Kumi Kokoon and throwing up all over it. Using some Formula 212 Spot Cleaner (starting at $39.95 and included with the purchase of a Ladybug steam cleaner) and some very low level gentle steaming had the throw look like new again, and Truffles lived to see another day.

• Drain Odor. The drain odor in our kitchen was really fierce last Fall. Apart from cleaning the drain gasket, I used the LadyBug steam cleaner to really blast out the disposal, and then ground up a lemon in the disposal. I got brownie points in our house for solving that one.

• Stain on Neighbor’s Couch. I spent one not so lazy Sunday afternoon helping a fairly hysterical friend and neighbor whose husband had just spilled red wine all over their couch, cushions and carpet the night before. Using the Formula 212 spot cleaner to presoak the wine split areas which were very extensive, the Ladybug steam cleaner came to the rescue with a towel and the triangular brush. My neighbor was simply astonished as the velvet couch came back as good as new, and her husband was profoundly grateful for saving his you know what.

• Rust Stains on Patio. News travels fast in our neighborhood and I was asked if the LadyBug steam cleaner could take the rust stains off a neighbor’s patio. This time I declined to do the job for him and instead showed him how to do it with a tough brush kit and pre-spray with non toxic concrete cleaner. Since patio tiles are porous this was a very tough task but 90% of the stain was removed and my neighbor was thrilled.

• Odor in Carpet. We own rental property, and we got a call from a new tenant demanding a new carpet because of dog odor from the last renter. Then the tenant next door to her, thinking her neighbor was about to get a new carpet said that hers was stained as well and she wanted a new one! I told my husband, who thought we should pay about $5K-$6K in new carpet for them, to send our handyman in with the Ladybug steam cleaner. For about $300 in labor we now have happy tenants once more thanks the LadyBug for saving me money.


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