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Silk baby bedding and crib bedding by Kumi Kookoon includes silk baby blankets, comforters, crib sheets, pillows and silk pillow covers. This luxury baby bedding comes in a variety of colors.

Kumi Kookoon Silk Baby Pillow Sham

Charmuese silk, flange edge, tie back closure. Size: 8' x 14'. Colors: Sage, Ivory, White, Raindrop, Champagne

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NOTE: All opened bedding products (i.e. pillows, pillow cases, comforters, sheets, encasings) cannot be returned.

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For those of you who want nothing but the absolute best for your baby, Kumi Kookoon’s luxury silk baby bedding is as comforting as it is healthy. The supreme softness will keep your baby happily rested, while providing him or her with a hypoallergenic sleep environment made from pure mulberry and charmeuse silk. Kumi Kookoon’s crib bedding includes crib sheets, silk baby blankets, comforters, pillows, and pillow covers that are inhospitable to dust mites and resist moisture, mildew and odors. Available in five soft toned colors.

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    Silk is an excellent choice of bedding for babies because it is naturally hypoallergenic. Since most people do not know if their baby has allergies or what they are, it is important to avoid added exposure to allergens by using bedding that is inhospitable to dust mites and resists moisture, mildew and odors. Silk bedding is also great for babies because it is lightweight, which means there will not be a lot of added weight to restrict the sleep pattern of your baby.

    Silk Baby Collection

    Produced by silkworms that are fed only pure mulberry leaves, Kumi Kookoon’s uses grade “A” raw mulberry silk to make all of the Baby Collection bedding. The raw silk is hand-stretched and then sewn together to make a silk filling that will not bunch or shift inside the silk-filled baby sized throw blankets, comforters and pillows. The raw mulberry silk is also woven into a satin-finished charmeuse silk, which covers the blankets, pillows and covers and is used to make the crib sheet and pillow cover. Click here for more information about silk

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    Baby throw blankets, pillow covers and fitted crib sheets are available in ivory, raindrop, sage, white and champagne. Baby comforters and pillows come in white only.

Dry clean only. For everyday freshness, air the baby’s silk bedding for a few minutes in indirect sunlight. The sun will naturally encourage silk to release impurities trapped inside the fiber. This bedding is sumptuous, but durable and will retain its original luster providing it is properly cared for. We recommend taking all silk bedding to a professional dry cleaner that has experience cleaning charmeuse silk products. Do not machine wash or wet clean.

Kumi Kookoon Silk Baby Pillow Sham


Kumi Kookoon Silk Baby Pillow Sham

  • Style: The baby silk pillow covers have a petite flange and a tie-closure in the back.
  • Type of silk: Pure charmeuse silk
  • Colors: Sage, ivory, white, champagne and raindrop

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  Kumi Kookoon Silk Baby Pillow Sham

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Kumi Kookoon’s Silk Baby Collection Size
Silk Filled & Covered Pillow 8” x 14”
Silk Pillow Shams 8” x 14”
Silk Filled & Covered Throw 30” x 36”
Silk Filled & Covered Comforters 30” x 36”
Silk Fitted Crib Sheets 25” x 50” x 8”

Availability: This product is custom made and ships out in 3 business days.

Please Note: Unopened bedding may be returned less inbound and outbound shipping charges. Opened bedding returned that is not used will be subject to an additional 25% restocking charge.
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