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The Hypodown 700 Fill Quality Down Pillows has been discontinued.

All Hypodown pillows contain the finest quality white goose down, guaranteed to be hypoallergenic. These Hypodown 700 Fill Down Pillows are 70% goose down (80% down clusters/20% down pieces) and 30% Syriaca Clusters.

These premium Hypodown 700 fill pillows feature an unbleached, undyed and chemical free cotton shell. The patented Hypodown fill is an innovative blend of 70% of the finest white goose down (contains 80% down clusters and 20% down pieces) combined with 30% all-natural Syriaca Clusters with the seeds removed. The unique Hypodown mix is guaranteed to be allergy friendly. If you experience an allergic reaction due to the down these pillows can be returned for a refund or exchange. The Hypodown 700 fill pillows are soft and lofty, and can be molded into whatever position you desire. Available in soft, medium and firm to provide optimum comfort and support for stomach, back and side sleepers.

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  • Has allergies or asthma and wants a high quality down pillow that will not trigger a reaction.
  • Wants down pillows that are hypoallergenic—tested by allergy and asthma doctors to be reaction free.
  • Would like an unbleached, undyed, formaldehyde-free, 100% cotton fabric pillow shell.
  • Prefers a down pillow that meets or exceeds U.S. standard down testing requirements.

  • Shell: 312 thread count 100% cotton - unbleached, undyed and chemical free
  • Fill: 70% premium goose down/30% natural Syriaca clusters
  • Firmness:
    • Soft: soft is the classic feel when you think luxury down pillows. Great for a stomach or back sleeper who wants a pillow that feels like being cradled in a cloud. Very hugable and scrunchable. Ideal for petite people, and prevents the head from being raised too high and promotes circulation by keeping the neck straight.
    • Medium: versatility is optimized with a medium firmness. You can scrunch, pound and mold this pillow to meet your sleeping preferences, whether you sleep on your stomach, back, side or a combination of the three. Ideal for back sleepers to support their heads from being too elevated or sinking too low.
    • Firm: If you sleep on your side and back, you require a little more support to keep your neck in line with your spine. A firm pillow will remain pliable while supporting your head and neck. Ideal for tall or larger adults, or side sleepers who need to fill the space between their neck and shoulders to provide proper spine alignment. For a child, adolescent or petite person, our medium firmness may be a better fit for firm support.

  • What is Hypodown®:
    Hypodown is a natural hypoallergenic combination of white goose down and Syriaca clusters. Asclepias Syriaca, or Syriaca, is also known as milkweed. Syriaca grows abundantly in the United States and is now cultivated on Nebraska farms. The fall harvest reaps soft and silky clusters from the plants pod. The Hypodown naturally traps and suppresses the dust and dander that people with allergies react to in traditional down products. This combination makes Hypodown the only natural, hypoallergenic down product in the bedding industry. Hypodown is warmer, more breathable, and more durable than down alone. With a Hypodown pillow, the moisture is transferred away from your body and released into the air 30% quicker than traditional down and about 70% quicker than synthetic filled pillows. Hypodown is four times warmer than most synthetics and up to eleven times as durable.

  • Benefits of Hypodown® pillows:
    • Hypodown wicks moisture away from your body 30% faster than down alone and 70% quicker than synthetics
    • Light weight encourages circulation
    • Stands the test of time and guaranteed for 10 years!
    • Hypodown has been tested by Allergy Doctors in the United States, Hungary and Germany. Each test concludes people who are allergic to down can use Hypodown without allergic reactions
    • Hypodown pillows are guaranteed to be reaction free.
Hypodown® is Hypoallergenic
Goose down can cause allergic reactions in some people. It is not the down that does this, however, but rather it is the dust particles remaining on the down after washing and processing. Our duvets and pillows are guaranteed by the manufacturer to be hypoallergenic. This is accomplished by combining syriaca clusters (commonly known as milkweed) with the down. The syriaca clusters enhance the natural properties of the down as well as stabilize the components that cause people to suffer down allergies.

Note: Hypodown has been tested in the offices of Allergy and Asthma Doctors in the United States and Europe. These tests prove that most people who are allergic to down can use Hypodown without reactions

Syriaca Syriaca clustersare hypoallergenic and stabilize the components in down that cause allergic reactions. Syriaca floss is a natural hollow fiber that is hypo-allergenic by itself. When syriaca floss and goose down are combined, the floss traps and suppresses the dust and dander to which some people have allergic reactions to. These clusters actually enhance the natural properties of down and are a fantastic fill for comforters and pillows. Syriaca clusters are cleaned and separated from the pods through mechanical action and air. No chemicals are used. It takes 800 pods to make one pound of Syriaca clusters.
Spot clean when possible. Place in the dryer on low heat to refresh the down or hang it on a clean line on a sunny day.

Pillow fill:

Hypodown comes in different fill powers which is the technical term for the space one ounce of down occupies in cubic inches. The higher the fill power, the better the clusters are at trapping air and keeping you warm. Higher fill power also gives you more warmth with a lighter weight comforter. These pillows are sold in three fill powers: 600, 700 and 800 fill. 70% Pure Hungarian Goose Down and 30% Syriaca Clusters. The 70% of down in the 800 fill pillow contains 85% down clusters and 15% down pieces. The 70% of down in the 700 fill pillow contains 80% down clusters and 20% of down pieces. The 600 fill is 75% goose down clusters and 25% of down pieces. See the Hypodown 600 Fill Down Pillows or the Hypodown 800 Fill Down Pillows

Goose down has little to no odor. If it does not say goose down on the law label, It is most likely duck down and a lot less expensive. Hypodown only utilizes high quality goose down. The down and syriaca in these pillows are the cleanest, least treated fibers we could find anywhere. The down is de-dusted and gently washed up to 8 times in an environmentally friendly cleansing solution and rinsed three times. This cleaning process renders the down pH neutral. This is the most hypoallergenic down pillows we could find - due to the quality of materials used, cleaning process and the addition of the natural syriaca clusters.

Thread count of pillow:
These beautiful hypo-allergenic European goose down pillows have a thread count of 312. Thread count is the number of threads per inch of a fabric. The higher the count, the smoother and silkier the fabric feels. The higher thread count also provides a stronger barrier to any of the fill escaping from the pillow.

How are Hypodown® pillows made?

  • Down is harvested during the natural molting process from farm raised geese; the cleanest, fluffiest down is sought after
  • The processing team captures large syriaca clusters extracted from the finest pods in U.S. farms, and transfers them to the patented Hypodown Blender
  • The Hypodown blender combines the syriaca clusters and goose down
  • Forced air whirls and twirls, mixing the two fibers creating Hypodown
  • A 312 thread count double pillow shell is unbleached, undyed ecru colored 100% cotton fabric, specially constructed to contain the hypodown fill
If you like the feeling of down but are allergic, then the Hypodown, which is real down but processed in a way so it is hypoallergenic, may well be the answer. Hypodown is a fusion of high quality goose down and Syriaca (milkweed) which makes for a more resilient and hypoallergenic product.


  • The 700 fill pillow is soft and very lofty.
  • The all natural cover is our top choice since it is free from chemicals and bleaching agents.
  • As far as the level of firmness goes, while the medium is the most popular with our customers and will last longer, our testers personal preference was the soft because it can be scrunched and bunched into any position you can imagine.
  • Guaranteed to be allergy-free. If you are dissatisfied with this pillow you can return it within 30 days.
  • Long 10 year limited warranty.


  • Outer shell of pillows can be slightly stiff and 'crunchy' because of the natural unbleached, undyed nature of the cotton fabric.
  • Not dust mite resistant. To prevent irritation from dust mite allergens, we recommend encasing this pillow in a dust mite pillow cover.


These 700 fill Hypodown pillows are for people who love the soft, lofty feel of quality down and even with their allergies, nothing else will satisfy. While the initial outlay is more costly than your average pillow, these pillows undoubtedly last longer and for an allergy sufferer, the fact they are guaranteed not to trigger allergies is an unbelievable bonus. The 700 fill is slightly less expensive then the top-of-the line 800 fill because it contains less down clusters, but it still feels wonderful and is far better quality then your average down pillow. Hypodown remain our company's favorite down pillow year after year!

Hypodown 700 Fill Quality Down Pillows


Hypodown 700 Fill Quality Down Pillows

  • Shell: 312 thread count, 100% unbleached, undyed cotton
  • Fill: 80% down cluster/20% down pieces
  • Firmness: Soft, Medium and Firm

Hypodown 700 Fill Quality Down Pillows

Hypodown 700 Fill Quality Down Pillows

  • Shell: 312 thread count, 100% unbleached, undyed cotton
  • Fill: 80% down cluster/20% down pieces
  • Firmness: Soft, Medium and Firm

Hypodown 700 Fill Quality Down Pillows

Hypodown 700 Fill Quality Down Pillows

  • Shell: 312 thread count, 100% unbleached, undyed cotton
  • Fill: 80% down cluster/20% down pieces
  • Firmness: Soft, Medium and Firm

Technical Specifications of Hypodown 700 Fill Quality Down Pillows

  Hypodown 700 Fill Quality Down Pillows

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Size Dimensions (inches) 700 Fill Weight (oz)
Standard 20' x 26' Soft: 14
Medium: 16
Firm: 18
Queen 20' x 30' Soft: 18
Medium: 20
Firm: 24
King 20' x 36' Soft: 21
Medium: 23
Firm: 28

Due to Federal Bedding Laws, opened or used bedding is not returnable unless due to defect as covered under the warranty. The warranty for these pillows do however allow them to be returned within 30 days should they cause an allergic reaction. See below:

If you are dissatisfied with your hypodown pillow for any reason, you can return it for a refund or exchange within 30 days of the purchase date. The original shipping and handling charges are not refundable.
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