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The FreshAir Personal Air Purifier for clean, healthy air on the go. Can be worn around the neck, clipped your belt or stand alone. No maintenance or expensive filters to change.

FreshAir Personal Air Purifier

Lightweight air purifier for your personal space. Recommended for allergen and particulate control on the go.

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On an average day, you can be exposed to many different particles in the air you're breathing, triggering allergy and asthma symptoms. The new FreshAir Personal is an air purification system that easily goes where you go. This little air purifier can be worn around the neck, clipped on your belt or stand alone, providing you with cleaner, fresher air in your personal space. The FreshAir Personal is sleek-looking, lightweight, and comes with a battery that recharges as easily as a cell phone. The unit uses no fans or costly filters to replace. The FreshAir Personal creates a particle-reduced zone around the wearer by generating ion streams that add charges to nearby airborne particles. These charged particles attract one another and together they fall out of the breathing zone, resulting in decreased concentrations of contaminates in the air you breath. This means substantially decreased concentrations of allergens, smoke, dust, and pollen in the air you breathe. The FreshAir Personal offers a simple and convenient way to protect your personal breathing zone.

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  • Wants to maintain a healthy living environment while on the go.
  • Prefers the convenience of ac easily transported air purifier.
  • Travels a good deal and is sensitive to new environments.
  • Needs relief from pathogens that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.

  • Includes universal neck strap, belt clip and desk stand
  • Built-in ionizer removes airborne particles and reduces pollutants
  • Decreases smoke, dust, pollen and odors from the air your breathe
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • On/off switch to preserve battery life
  • 1-year warranty
1. Airborne Particulate Filtration
2. Gas, Chemical & Odor Filtration
3. Personal Area Coverage
4. Noise Rating
5. Filter Life & Replacement Costs
6. Ease of Operation & Filter Replacement
7. Quality of Construction:
8. Manufacturer's Credibility, Warranty & Return Policy
9. Value for Price

The Freshair Personal air purifier helps create a healthier environment wherever you may be traveling - planes, subways, the work place, restaurants, anywhere. This lightweight and portable air purifier is designed and engineered to be so simple to use that you'll want to take it everywhere you go, like wearing a watch.


  • Lightweight and conveniently goes anywhere you go
  • Reduces asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Freshens air and removes odors
  • Makes traveling on planes, subways and trains healthier
  • No fans, filers or maintenance
  • Sleek and elegant design


  • This air purifier is meant for personal space only and will not cover more than 15 ft.
  • This is not certified by CARB (California Air Resources Board) and thus cannot be shipped to California


Breathe easier wherever you travel with this sleek-looking, lightweight FreshAir Personal air purifier. It doesn't get any easier than this, with it's universal neck strap, belt clip or desk stand, the Personal air purifier is designed and engineered to be simple to use. Includes the added bonus of no fans, filters or maintenance! Create an almost particle-free zone around you and breathe fresher, healthier air while traveling, working or visiting friends and family.

FreshAir Personal Air Purifier


FreshAir Personal Air Purifier

  • Size: 3.8'H x 2.2'W x 1'L
  • Cleans: personal space
  • Fan speeds: n/a
  • Controls: manual
  • Included Filters: n/a
  • Recommended for: general indoor air pollution control including pollen, dust, smoke and odors

Technical Specifications of FreshAir Personal Air Purifier

  FreshAir Personal Air Purifier
Model Number
Model Number A1017A
Power Requirements
Power Requirements Lithium Battery
Energy Consumption
Energy Consumption 0.03W
Dimensions 3.8'H x 1'W x 2.2'L
Weight 1.8 oz.
Finish / Color
Finish / Color White
Filters included
Filters included No filters required
Fan Speeds
Fan Speeds n/a
Warranty 90-day

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