Formula 212 Spot Cleaner

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The Formula 212 Spot Cleaner has been discontinued.

Formula 212 Spot Cleaner - a Professional carpet cleaner to use with your carpet cleaner or vapor steam cleaner.

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The Formula 212 Spot Cleaner will restore soiled carpets and furniture to just like new condition instantly! This household cleaner is completely soapless. May be used everywhere to meet every cleaning need. The most economical labor saving universal cleaner-deodorizer-degreaser. Ideal for use in Hot Water Extractor Systems such as carpet cleaners. Works well when used in conjunction with any Vapor Steam Cleaner.

Great at dissolving stains. Use on Carpets, Upholstery, Vinyls, Woodwork, Strip Wax, Clothes, Draperies, Floors, Linoleum, Walls, Venetian Blinds, Silverware, Glassware Titles and even Concrete Floors!

Will go four times as far as ordinary cleaners and is guaranteed to be as harmless as rain water to any surface, fabric or the skin. Comes as powder, use in liquid form.

Gallon or quart size available

Just add water to the super concentrated spot cleaner powder. Use only ½ cup to each gallon of HOT water. Can be mixed stronger for stubborn jobs. Pour a few ounces of mixture into a spray bottle, and spray directly on rug for cleaning those tough stains with your vapor steam cleaner or carpet cleaner. Do not put in vapor steam cleaner.

'Cleans anything and everything!'

Formula 212 Spot Cleaner


Formula 212 Spot Cleaner

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  Formula 212 Spot Cleaner

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