EcoBreeze 2 For Double Hung Windows

EcoBreeze 2 For Double Hung Windows

EcoBreeze 2 delivers free, cool, filtered air directly into your home to flush out stale air. But not all filters are created equally. Our optional MERV-13 filter is so fine, so highly engineer that it even traps viruses and bacteria. Smog, smoke and dust will be eliminated from you living space, allowing you to relax in the freshest, coolest, healthiest air your home has ever known. Our standard MERV 8 filter does a great job at removing pollen, dust mites and mold spore providing clean fresh cooling.

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EcoBreeze 2 turns your regular window into a smart, cooling window. The Eco Breeze fan will automatically bring air inside when it’s cooler and less humid outside. How does it work? Effortlessly! Eco Breeze continuously senses indoor and outdoor conditions with its built in humidity and temperature sensors. Eco Breeze turns on when outside air is cooler and dryer than inside air then shuts off when it reaches your temperature set point or outside air can no longer cool. Dampers automatically open and close to minimize air leakage keeping the cool air inside and the hot air outside. The variable speed fan operates quietly, automatically switching to the lowest speed that will satisfy cooling needs. Typically during the summer, cooler outside temperatures occur in the middle of the night while you are sleeping. But, who wants to hassle with waking up at 1 am to install a window fan to bring in that cool air? The Eco Breeze window fan will turn on and off automatically for you! The EcoBreeze 2 easily fits in the bottom of a window. The adjustable wing panels accommodate windows from 20 to 36 inches wide. It also has a built-in rain guard so it will operate even if it’s raining! Bringing in cool outside air with the Eco Breeze uses 95% less energy than turning on your air conditioner. EcoBreeze 2 is a perfect complement to an air conditioner. Eco Breeze provides cooling during periods of low outdoor temperature and low humidity. Leave your air conditioner on and the AC will automatically take over during hot and humid weather. Decreasing AC run time extends AC life and delays costly repairs and system replacements adding to the savings. Eco Breeze will lower utility bills and improve air quality. Mother Nature provides the cool, fresh air we provide the technology.

  • Automates the use of outside air for home cooling
  • Improve indoor air quality with ventilation from Eco Breeze
  • Easily installs in a window
  • Filters outside air from dust, bacteria and pollen

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EcoBreeze 2 For Double Hung Windows

EcoBreeze 2 For Double Hung Windows

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  EcoBreeze 2 For Double Hung Windows

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