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Why Do Some Basement Dehumidifiers Cost More Than Others?

This is one of the questions we are asked all the time about basement dehumidifiers. Here are the reasons why:

Overall Durability: Top of the line dehumidifiers will easily last well over 10 years, if not more, because of their robustness and quality of construction. Lower end dehumidifiers typically last 4 to 5 years depending on usage. Top of the line dehumidifiers are made from metal construction or the hardest ABS plastic.

Square Footage: Dehumidifiers with a larger compressor will cover up to 2000 square feet or more versus a smaller dehumidifier that can only treat an area of 1000 to 1400 square feet. The reason is that their cooling surface is much larger than the lower end dehumidifiers, so more moisture is removed from the air at a given time. Some models offer a pre-cooling zone, so the incoming air is cooled greatly before it even reaches the cold evaporator coils.

Energy Efficiency: Most top-of-the-line dehumidifiers will use less electricity and deliver more water removal per kilowatt hour of electricity.

Compressor Construction: The better dehumidifiers will use a rotary compressor that results in the maximum extraction of moisture with the lowest running costs. Rotary compressors tend to be quieter than reciprocating compressors, which tend to be used in the less expensive dehumidifiers.

Warranty: Top of the line dehumidifiers will usually have a generous warranty and are designed to allow repair of the unit without needing to replace it. The less expensive dehumidifiers are more expensive to repair than replace, which explains the short life.

Operating Temperature: The more expensive dehumidifiers can operate in colder temperatures due to a more efficient self-defrost system that allows maximum dehumidification in cooler temperatures. Some of the models have hot gas defrost that allows for quick thawing of the ice build-up on the coils, which results in short interruption of the moisture removal process and more time to dehumidify.

Air Filtration: Some of the more expensive dehumidifiers have at least one, sometimes two, filters for removal of particulates. The result is actual air purification while the dehumidifier is operating. Mold spores are a very common allergen that these devices will remove.

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