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14 Tips for an Allergy Free Bedroom

Do you ever wake up with allergies or feel like you can’t go to sleep because of them? Here are our tips for a dust-free bedroom, dust mites, and most other allergens.

  1. Clear out your bedroom of all surplus objects, aim for a minimalist look to reduce the number of things dust can land on.
  2. Vacuuming regularly with a good quality HEPA vacuum cleaner will eliminate all the dust (both Miele or Sebo are great options.) This means using the special onboard tools to get into those hard-to-reach places such as tops of pictures, tops of doors and windows, corners, blinds, lampshades, and underneath the bed and furniture. Vacuum with the HEPA vacuum twice weekly. Do not use a cloth dusting rag as it will just redistribute the dust and aggravate your allergens.
  3. Regulate your humidity level at less than 50 percent. A good bedroom dehumidifier with quiet operation will reduce the humidity in the room to a level where dust mites and mold will not flourish.
  4. Use a high-quality HEPA air purifier to filter out allergens. Find one with a large enough square foot coverage to sufficiently clean the air in your bedroom while running on a low fan speed. This way you do not have to live with the noise of an air purifier running at a high fan speed. Find our favorite Bedroom Air Purifiers.
  5. Use a dust mop. This keeps down the dust bunnies on hardwood floors in between vacuuming. You will be surprised at how much dust they can pick up, even on a daily basis.
  6. Remove as many carpets and draperies as you can. They are a prime harbinger of dust mites. Just use a little washable cotton rug by your bedside to save your feet from freezing in winter.
  7. Wash your bedding weekly in 140 F degree water (turn up your water heater setting) to kill dust mites. You can add tannic acid or use a commercial cleaner containing tannic acid to eliminate the dust mites. Just look on the label for the ingredients.
  8. Use very fine, wafer-thin filtration material at the point of entry to your bedroom for forced air heating systems. This keeps allergens from entering the bedroom. If you use fabric that is too thick, the air will not be able to pass through effectively and your bedroom will be cold.
  9. Have your duct work professionally cleaned every three years. Be careful and choose a certified duct cleaner. All duct cleaning services are not made equal.
  10. Don’t forget to change the filters for your room air conditioner. Do you really want to breathe in mold and dust allergens blown out by a dirty air conditioner?
  11. Change your furnace filter regularly. Use a tightly pleated disposable furnace filter (not the kind you can see through) or even better, an electrostatic furnace filter. These filters will catch a lot of dust at the point of entry into a house.
  12. Close your closet door. Clothes collect dust, particulates, and other allergens.
  13. Cover your bed with dust mite covers that have a pore size of less than 6 microns for maximum effectiveness and vacuum your bed weekly. You want bedding impervious to dust mites and will not allow dust mites to breed – plain and simple. Much to our surprise, there is quite a variation in effectiveness between dust mite covers from different vendors. Pore size is critical.
  14. Use a steam cleaner on your bedding to assist in killing dust mites between washes. A handheld steam cleaner. The hot temperature of the steam will kill the dust mites. Take advantage of the freezing weather. Put pillows, stuffed toys, or anything that could host dust mites into plastic bags and put them outside in the deep freeze. Yes, frost kills dust mites.

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