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Myths Concerning Dust Mites and Dust Mite Covers

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that live in mattresses and upholstery. An unprepared home or apartment can be the host to millions of them, causing red and itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, sneezing and congestion.

In general, your first step in dust mite control is to keep your home at cooler, dryer temperatures as dust mites tend to flourish at higher humidity levels above 50%. Dust mite covers that encase your mattress, box spring, and pillows should be your next line of defense. recommends covers fabricated out of comfortable, breathable fabrics with a pore size well under 10 microns.

Here are five frequent dust mite and dust mite cover myths that we want to dispel to help educate consumers:

  1. Myth: All homes have dust mites.
    • False: No, they do not, which is why recommends that you use a dust mite test kit before you seek out dust mite remediation. You may suffer from dust mite allergies, but if your home is dust mite free you can relax. If you live in a warm, humid climate, then chances are very likely you will have dust mites.
  2. Myth: Dust mite covers are sufficient to kill dust mites.
    • False: While doctors and allergists recommend dust mite covers for your bedding, research has shown that dust mites get onto your carpets, clothing, and upholstery. Studies show that a combination of a steam cleaner and a HEPA vacuum regimen at an 8-week interval is recommended after protecting your bedding.
  3. Myth: Everyone is allergic to dust mites.
    • False: If you have environmental allergies, chances are that you suffer from dust mite allergies. However, always recommends that you go to your doctor and get tested first.
  4. Myth: Dust mites bite.
    • False: No, they do not because dust mites are too small to bite human beings. It is their fecal matter and body parts that are the irritant to humans.
  5. Myth: Dust mites fly.
    • False: They do not fly; however, adolescent ones do jump around, and their fecal matter can get kicked up as people move around the house. An air purifier is recommended after other measures have been taken. is a leading multi-channel retailer that sells healthy home products for allergy relief such as air purifiers, HEPA vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers, and hypoallergenic bedding.

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