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Airfree Air Purifier & Air Sterilizer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Airfree Air Purifier

Q. How does it work?

A. Airfree utilizes heat to sterilize the air dragged into its patented ceramic core by air convection. Inside the ceramic core, air is sterilized at high temperatures (between 400º to 600º F.) Any living micro-organism, bacteria, and virus are incinerated regardless of how dangerous they might be.

Q. Are there any side effects?

A. Airfree does not have any side effects. Airfree uses heat to purify the air. No emissions, no ions, or new particles are generated when using an Airfree sterilizer.

Q. What is Airfree capacity?

A. Airfree P1000 was designed for (approximately 340 sq. ft.) or (2000 cu. ft..) Larger rooms require more than one device.

Q. Can Airfree be installed in closets?

A. Yes, as long as Airfree is not placed under shelves. Airfree is ideal for pantries and free of any obstacles. Recommended minimum room volume is 400 cubic ft.

Q. Can I use Airfree in air-conditioned rooms?

A. Yes. We recommend installing Airfree in all rooms in central air-conditioned homes and offices.

Q. Can Airfree be installed in a hallway to reach the whole house?

A. No. Airfree is to be placed in just one room, away from open windows and doors. The air cleaning efficiency in rooms connected to that corridor where Airfree is installed is almost none, unless those rooms have Airfrees plugged in.

Q. Can Airfree be installed in closed rooms?

A. Yes. The minimum recommended room volume is 10 m3/h.

Q. Do windows and doors need to be kept closed?

A. No. Regular ventilation does not affect Airfree efficiency. It is recommended that Airfree is not placed next to windows or doors, nor in the middle of an air stream.

Q. How long does it take to verify Airfree action?

A. Airflow varies according to room temperature and place of installation averaging 10 m3/h. After two to three weeks up to 85% of the airborne microorganism and allergen levels are reduced, when correctly plugged in 24 hours per day and installed according to the manual.

Q. Can Airfree be plugged during the day in the living room and switched to the bedroom at night?

A. No. Airfree must always be in the same room according to the Manual. Airfree’s technology works gradually and cannot have its cycle interrupted. Moving it from one room to another will interrupt the cycle.

Q. How long is the warranty?

A. Airfree warranty is 2 years from the date of purchase. Fill out the warranty card that comes with product and return to address specified.

Q. Do I need to unplug the Airfree when going out of the house or office?

A. No. In order to be efficient, Airfree must always be on in the same room.

Q. For a quick period Airfree was disconnected. Is there a problem?

A. No, if for just a couple of hours. Airfree will quickly recover lost time.

Q. Does Airfree eliminate bacteria and germs?

A. Yes. Airfree’ s bactericide and germicide efficiency are recognized by international independent laboratories and universities.

Q. How does Airfree eliminate dust mites?

A. Airfree doesn’t incinerate dust mites; however, it does destroy fungi — the food the dust mites need to survive. The dust mite population is reduced in the same percentage as the fungi that are destroyed.

Q. How does Airfree eliminate fungus?

A. Airfree eliminates fungi. By eliminating spores, no new colonies are formed.

Q. Does Airfree destroy viruses?

A. Yes. The smaller the microorganisms, the better for Airfree as they are more easily carried by air flows into the patented ceramic core of Airfree where they are incinerated. Airfree is your best ally in preventing respiratory diseases.

Q. Does Airfree eliminate tobacco smell?

A. Our customers say yes. We have no independent test results yet, but testing is under way. Any organic odor is reduced but tobacco smell is still to be confirmed.

Q. Does Airfree release any gas or chemical by products?

A. No. Airfree’s sterilization process is natural – heat. No organic by products are created.

Q. Does Airfree heat the room?

A. No. Airfree was designed to significantly not increase room temperature. Two Airfree units will generate about as much heat as an adult in the room.

Q. Is the room humidity affected by Airfree?

A. No. Airfree does not increase a room’s humidity level.

Q. Does Airfree require filter replacement?

A. No. Airfree has no filters and requires no maintenance other than cleaning the top lid with a dry or humid cloth. When cleaning Airfree, please disconnect it from the electric source.

Q. Does Airfree consume a lot of electricity?

A. No. Airfree’s consumption is less than a 50-watt light bulb.

Q. Can someone be burned by touching an Airfree?

A. No. Airfree’s top lid reaches 144°F at its center, which is warm to the touch but not enough to cause any burn.

Q. How do I know Airfree is working?

A. As long as the top lid is plugged in and warm, Airfree is working properly.

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