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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Relief

3 Ways to Get Relief from Your Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) almost always suffer from allergies. In addition to allergen control, MCS sufferers also react to VOC Gases, and depending on the sensitivity, the amount can be microscopic.

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Certain air purifiers that contain high-grade HEPA filters also have a metal housing and have no chemical additives in their interior construction. These are perfect if you have multiple chemical sensitivities.

Getting rid of chemicals in your home is important; steam cleaners that use heated water instead of supermarket chemicals can be used as floor steam mops, garment cleaners, and for general overall cleaning use. The invention of steam technology is a relief for multiple chemical sufferers.

If you cannot afford steam cleaning, we recommend using fragrance-free, clean materials made from all-natural ingredients. Buying sample sizes is often a safe way to test your sensitivity. These products will not cause irritation and have the added benefit of doing an effective job of cleaning.

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