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Best Selling Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum shopping is not easy with all the different options out there. We hope to reduce this chore by sharing with you what we consider to be the best. A vacuum cleaner's performance depends on airflow, the amount of suction it produces, filtration, and the quality of its accessories. Our selection of best selling vacuum cleaners feature those important characteristics. You will also notice that the majority of our vacuum cleaners are bagged vacuums versus bagless. Allergy sufferers and cleaner air quality will always be our top priority, therefore bagless vacuum cleaners are not our top choice. A vacuum that does not require bags can expose you to more dirt and dust when emptying, whereas a bagged vacuum cleaner is more hygienic and contained, ensuring these particles are not released right back into the air you’re breathing. This selection of vacuum cleaners is what our clients have chosen, making these our best of the best. We appreciate the trust our clients have shown in us and look forward to continuing to provide you with content solutions that improve your family’s health.

For homes that have primarily wall to wall carpet, you might consider one of our Upright vacuums.
For homes that have primarily hard surface floors, you might consider one of our Canister vacuums.
For homes that you share with pets, you might consider our exclusive, Sebo Pet Edition vacuums.

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