Airpura UV600 Micro-Organisms Air Purifier

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<font color="#974343">Temporarily on backorder. Will ship in 4-6 weeks. </font>  Airpura Air Purifiers are a great choice for complete air cleaning. Airpura UV600 Air Purifier kills viruses, bacteria and mold spores. They also removes chemicals, odors and other harmful particles from the indoor air.

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<font color="#974343">Temporarily on backorder. Will ship in 4-6 weeks. </font> The Airpura UV600 air purifier offers complete air cleaning with 3 levels of filtration for removing airborne particles, chemicals as well as bacteria, antigens, pathogens and mold spores from your indoor air. It features a cleanable pre-filter, 18 lbs of activated carbon, a true HEPA filter and a 20 watt UV germicidal lamp. With its powerful motor and unimpeded airflow, the Airpura UV600 quickly and quietly cleans the air in a room up to 1650 sq. ft. achieving 2 air changes per hour. For those with allergies or respiratory conditions we recommend a room size of 550 sq. ft. achieving 6 air changes per hour. All Airpura air purifiers have a sealed design, felt gaskets and all metal housing to prevent off-gassing. certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB)

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  • Has low immune resistances and needs complete air cleaning of viruses and bacteria as well as particles and chemicals.
  • Lives or works in an environment with high exposure to viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms.
  • Needs an air purifier for a moldy basement.

  • For airborne chemicals, particles and micro-organisms
  • Maximum coverage: 1650 sq. ft. (2 air changes/hr)
  • Recommended coverage: 550 sq. ft. (6 air changes/hr)
  • Large room air purifier
  • Traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Adsorbs chemicals, smoke and odors
  • Cleanable pre-filter
  • 2 Anti-microbial filters
  • 18 lb carbon filter, 2' deep
  • True HEPA filter (40 sq. ft of media w/ 10 pleats per inch)
  • 20 watt UV germicidal lamp (30,000um/second squared)
  • Does not produce ozone
  • Separately changeable filters
  • Variable Fan Speeds
  • Low noise level
  • Manual controls
  • 360° air intake and outflow
  • 4 casters
  • ETL certified, conforms to CSA C22.2 no 113 ANSI/UL 507
  • Colors: Black, White or Cream
  • All metal housing
  • Sealed motor chamber
  • Sealed electrical chamber
  • Pressure sealed filter chamber
  • Felt gaskets
  • Made in Canada
  • Certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB)




Airpura's unique pressure seal on the filter chamber ensures that all of the dirty air passes through the pre-filter, carbon filter and HEPA filter. Other systems allow leakage and do not achieve the 99.97% HEPA filtration rating. Additionally, the motor and electrical parts are located in a separate compartment which prevents off-gassing from components and does not allow impurities to be re-introduced into the clean air.

  • Pre-filter: vacuum from outside the unit every 2-3 months and replace every 12 months for normal household use.
  • Carbon Filter: replace every 2 years for normal household use.
  • HEPA Filter: replace every 5 year for normal household use.
  • UV Germicidal Lamp: replace after 10,000 hours of use (approximately 14 months of use)
Note: Filter life is based on continuous operation. Filter life will be longer if only used periodically. When used in heavily polluted environments filters will need to be changed more often.
1. Airborne Particulate Filtration
2. Gas, Chemical & Odor Filtration
3. Room Coverage
4. Noise Rating
5. Filter Life & Replacement Costs
6. Ease of Operation & Filter Replacement
7. Quality of Construction: Air-tight design, no off-gassing
8. Electronic Filter Life Monitoring N/A
9. Manufacturer's Credibility, Warranty & Return Policy
10. Quality of Filters
11. Value for Price
12. Certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB)

The Airpura UV600 Air Purifier uses the same filtration as the Airpura R600 All Purpose Air Purifier and adds a 20 watt UV germicidal lamp to sterilize bacteria, viruses, mold spores, as well as other antigens and pathogens trapped by the HEPA filter. It's ideal for indoor environments with young children, the elderly, or the immune compromised.


  • Excellent removal of allergens. The UV600 air purifier uses a high quality HEPA filter and sealed construction design which allows it to capture all allergens and other particles down to 0.3 microns with an average particle removal efficiency of 97% on the first air pass.
  • A true 18 lbs. of carbon for long lasting chemical and odor reduction. Airpura is one of the only manufacturers who actually uses the true amount of carbon that they claim. The Airpura UV600 air purifier has a generous 18 lb. carbon filter that is 2 inches thick. Reviewers were pleased with the UV600’s ability to reduce everyday household odors and gases such as those produced from cleaning products, perfumes and cooking odors.
  • Quickly cleans the air in a large room. The Airpura UV600 air purifier moves twice as much air as its top competitors which allows it to achieve one of the largest room coverage of any of the air purifiers we carry. It covers an area up to 1650 square feet with 2 air changes and 550 sq. ft. with 6 air changers per hour, which is what we recommend for those with severe allergy or respiratory issues.
  • MCS friendly. Airpura is focused on making an air purifier that will help solve air quality issues, not add to them. The Airpura UV600 is constructed of inert materials to prevent off-gassing from plastics, rubbers and silicones. The motor and electrical parts are separated in a sealed chamber to keep them out of the clean air flow and prevent off-gassing and contaminates from entering the filtered air.
  • Very good air flow and low noise level. The Airpura UV600 air purifier has variable speed control and reviewers were happy they could adjust the fan speed to a noise level or air flow which matched their preference and needs. Reviewers said maximum speed was much quieter than expected, especially for the amount of air exiting the machine. They were even more astonished with the quietness of the medium to lower speeds and collectively agreed it could easily be run on the medium speed in a living room area without being bothersome. Reviewers gave it a favorable 4-star “very good” noise rating on a scale of 1-5.
  • Excellent Warranty. Our review team was happy to learn Airpura backs all their air purifiers with a 5 year warranty on parts and 10 years on labor.


  • No filter change indicators. The UV600 air purifier does not have a filter life monitor or change indicator so it is up to you to keep track of filters usage and when they need replacing.
  • Replacing the filters requires a bit of work. To access the filters, the UV600 needs to be turned upside down so the bottom plate can be unscrewed and removed, then the filters can be lifted out. The carbon filter weighs 18 pounds and can be heavy for some to lift. The UV lamp also adds some time and costs to the maintenance of the UV600.


The Airpura UV600 air purifier is a highly effective, all purpose air purifier that offers excellent filtration of airborne particles, chemicals and micro-organisms. The Airpura UV600 air purifier is an ideal choice for someone with low immune resistance or for use in a room that has a mold infestation. Its filtration capabilities combined with large square foot coverage makes the Airpura UV600 air purifier an excellent choice for basements, isolation rooms, clinics, doctor offices, dental offices, hospital rooms or embalming facilities.

Airpura UV600 Micro-Organisms Air Purifier


Airpura UV600 Micro-Organisms Air Purifier

Technical Specifications of Airpura UV600 Micro-Organisms Air Purifier

  Airpura UV600 Micro-Organisms Air Purifier
Model Number
Model Number UV600
Square Foot Coverage
Square Foot Coverage up to 1650 sq. ft.
Power Requirements
Power Requirements 115V or 220V
Energy Consumption
Energy Consumption 40 watts - 120 watts
Clean Air Density Rate (CADR)
Clean Air Density Rate (CADR) Not tested by AHAM
Rated Air Flow of Fan
Rated Air Flow of Fan 560 CFM
Delivered Air Flow
Delivered Air Flow 440 CFM
Decibels 28.1 db - 62.3 db (at distance of 6 ft)
Dimensions 23"H x 15"D
Weight 45 lbs
Warranty 5 yrs parts, 10 yrs labor

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