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Air Washer Humidifiers

In addition to being a humidifier, our Air Washer Humidifiers also help to purify the air. Water in conjunction with rotating discs retain and remove airborne impurities, including large dust and pollen particles, while returning clean, properly-humidified air to the room. The mist that comes out of an air washer is cool. Other advantages of an air washer is that they are the most robust kind of humidifier, they are very reliable and they can cover a much larger area than most humidifiers. They also have no problems with mineral dust. Their only drawback is you must wash out the tank regularly, but that is true for all humidifiers.

If you are interested in other types of humidifiers we have a large selection.

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Boneco H300 Hybrid 3-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier

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Air Washer
Boneco W200 Air Washer

Boneco W200 Air Washer


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More about Air Washer Humidifiers

The Swiss designed humidifiers by Air-O-Swiss have become the gold standard in consumer humidification, and have been consistently rated the best by consumer product review publications. Their air washers are no exception and while they are less popular than Air-O-Swiss ultrasonic humidifiers, they live up to their name- they wash the air. Stadler-Form has been chasing Air-O-Swiss with their line of air washers, and while Air-O-Swiss have decreased their selection of air washers, Stadler-Form seems to be increasing them. There are several circumstances in which an air washer might make a good choice as a humidifier. Firstly, they cover a much larger area than their smaller ultrasonic cousins. Secondly, the intrinsic design of an air washer means that they are more robust; and so when you are buying an air washer you can expect it to last for quite a few years. Thirdly, air washers are suitable for hard water areas and will not produce mineral dust. Fourthly, an air washer actually traps large dust and pet hair particles floating about in your air. They do not trap smaller lung penetrating particles which are the ones most injurious to those of us with allergies, but they do provide some cleaning the air benefit. The only contraindication to buying an air washer is that as a cool mist type of humidification, you might find the mist a bit cool and clammy, especially if you use the air washer in the bedroom. For that reason, we think they are best suited for larger living spaces.


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