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Steamax Vapor Steam Cleaners
Customer: 4.5/5
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Essential fix for bed bugs!!!
by: nycdebugged (New York, NY)

"This is the best machine I've ever purchased! I live in NYC and currently the beg bug epidemic is amazingly out of hand. It doesn't matter how clean you keep your home, the "scourge" can get in, and it only takes one. I had been getting bitten for months before buying this machine, and this was AFTE..."
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Steamax Vapor Steam Cleaners

This steam cleaner is no longer available.

As an alternative choice we suggest our White Wing Steam Cleaner.

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Description of Steamax Vapor Steam Cleaners

A surprising value and a great price, the Steammax is a nice choice for our customers who want a healthy way to clean with a middle of the road residential vapor steam cleaner. We tested its high temperature vapor steam on a number of tasks in the home and were pleased with its overall cleaning performance and ease of use. More effective than the average chemical based household cleaner, the Steammax has the ability to lift stains, dissolve grease, and kill bacteria, germs, dust mites, molds and other microscopic particles. It is equipped with many attachments, fingertip steam regulation, and more for helping your home reach a level of cleanliness it has never seen before!

Steamax Vapor Steam Cleaners are ideal for someone who...
  • Has a home in need of light, chemical-free, fume-free cleaning.
  • Wants a level of cleanliness with a vapor steam cleaner that is simply not available with regular cleaning methods - an environment clear of all contamination.
  • Needs to dissolve calcium deposits, grease, bacteria, germs, dust mites, molds and other microscopic particles contained in dirt.
  • Wants easy, fingertip vapor steam cleaner controls for steam regulation with delicate, normal, and strong settings.
  • Wants a healthy way to clean - vapor steam cleaners use only tap water, no hazardous fumes or soapy residue.

Features of Steamax Vapor Steam Cleaners

  • Direct boiler vapor steam clean and sanitizing system
  • Produces low-pressure, high temperature dry steam vapor
  • Converts 2.5 quarts of water into 1,358 gallons of chemical free dry steam vapor
  • Steam volume control (low, medium, high) on handle
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Large back wheels and sturdy front wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Includes a variety of commercial-grade attachments:
    • Large rectangle brush (1)
    • Triangular brush (1)
    • Window squeegee (1)
    • 1-inch nylon detail brush (1)
    • 1-inch bronze detail brush (1)
    • 1-inch stainless steel detail brush (1)
    • 2.5-inch circular nylon brush (1)
    • 19-inch extension tubes (2)
    • Elbow (1)
    • Filler bottle (1)
    • Cotton terry cloth towels (3)

Product Usage:

Comes with many attachments and accessories designed for the uses shown below:
  • Destroys germs, viruses, dust mites, molds, fungi, and bacteria
  • Removes grease, ground-in dirt and spots: better than solvents
  • Removes soap scum and mildew: from bathrooms, tiles and fixtures
  • Degreases: kitchen floors, counters and appliances
  • Cleans and freshens: carpets, upholstery drapes and blinds
    Click here on info about using vapor steam cleaners for carpet cleaning
  • Sanitizes: nurseries and pet areas
  • Deodorizes: steam cleaning removes odors such as mildew
  • Adds sparkle: to windows and glass
  • Details: cars, boats and RVs
  • Quickly cleans: sealed hardwood floors and other flat floor surfaces in less time
  • Reaches hard to clean areas: including cracks, corners and crevices
  • Dissolves and emulsifies: calcium, grease and more
  • Endless possibilities: vapor steam cleaning is also particularly effective in kitchen, sinks, wrinkled clothes, dirty walls, removing wallpaper, cleaning windows and screens, automobile interiors and tires, golf clubs, removing deposits and stains, defrosting refrigerators and much more


Reports by Experts - Steamax Vapor Steam Cleaners

Expert Review:    Courtesy of AllergyBuyersClub.com
1. Steam Quality - Temperature, Pressure & Dryness
2. Quality of Accessories & Easy To Put On and Takeoff
3. Ability to Maintain Dry Steam and Pressure
4. Quality of Boiler & Overall Machine Construction
5. Tank Capacity & Length of Cleaning Time Per Tankfull
6. Heat Up Time
7. Ability To Regulate Steam – Quantity of Adjustment Levels & Location (on the handle or unit)
8. Length of Power Cord, Hose & Overall Operating Radius
9. Maneuverability & Ease of Use
10. Safety Features
11. Manufacturer's Credibility Including Return Policy & Warranty
12. Value For the Price

The Steamax features high temperature, dry steam of 220 – 240 degrees, working pressure of 65 psi and a variety of good quality attachments. The Steamax is a simple, user-friendly machine yet is constructed well enough to deliver powerful steam for years to come.


  • Heats up quickly: this steam cleaner took 13 minutes to heat up which is fast for a machine of this capacity.
  • Very hot and dry steam: steam was very hot and dry and cleaned very well on all the usual household cleaning tasks in kitchen, bathroom and beyond.
  • Attachments easy to attach and change: not as easy as our high-end steam cleaners, but easy nonetheless.
  • Lighter weight than average: this steam cleaner was easy to pull around the room; we thought that this was a big plus for normal consumer usage.
  • Good basic variety of attachments: the Steamax comes with a large rectangular brush, a triangular brush, window cleaning tool, small and large round nylon brush, two wands and a hose.
  • Good quality stainless steel boiler: which accounts for the steam cleaner heating up fast; the steel will ensure longevity.
  • Long steam cleaning time in between refills: unit will run for approximately two hours, which is really long enough for most people running around doing household clean up at the weekend!
  • Variable control for the steam on the handle: The Steamax has a variable control for the steam on the handle. You can choose low, medium, and high. We thought that this was especially useful and nice to have with a steam cleaner at this price point.


  • No Pressure Gauge: The Steamax does not have a pressure gauge, and we missed it because if you have a pressure gauge, you are able to monitor the quality of the steam as you clean.
  • Not Best for Windows: The window-cleaning tool leaves streaks and does not clean the entire area easily.
  • Handle Controls Could Be Better: The steam control on the handle is a nice feature but it could be better. It has a low, medium, and high setting which is activated by pressing two buttons in different positions. What we found was the low setting was too low at times and the medium too much, and the same went for the medium and the high.
  • Not Continuous Fill: It is not a continuous fill steam cleaner so after two hours of use you would need to let it cool down, refill it, and wait for it to reheat so there would be around a half hour stoppage. The best recommendation would be for the user to make sure they fill it to the brim every time they use it, so it does not run out of steam 15 minutes into their next cleaning time.


The Steamax features a good quality stainless steel boiler and is easy to use and maneuver while cleaning in a home or commercial setting. The steam cleaner comes with a nice array of sturdy accessory tools for cleaning and sanitizing those hard to reach crevices, cracks and tight spaces. In addition to thoroughly cleaning hard surfaces and floors, the Steamax can also effortlessly clean and freshen up beds, mattresses, carpets and upholstery. The Steamax is an affordable choice for those seeking to effectively kill bed bugs and dust mites since it consistently produces hot, dry steam of up to 220°F. Overall, we recommend it to our customers who are looking for a good mid-priced machine for home use.


Technical Specifications of Steamax Vapor Steam Cleaners

Steamax Vapor Steam Cleaners
Boiler Temperature 290°F
Tip Temperature 220°F
Operating Pressure 45 psi (low) – 55 psi (medium) – 65 psi (high)
Continuous Refill No
Pressure Gauge No
Tank Capacity 2. 5 quarts
Heat up time 13 minutes
Operating Time 1.5 - 2 hours
Hose length 8 ft.
Power Cord Length 8 ft.
Boiler Construction Stainless Steel Boiler Incoloy Element
Wattage & Power Consumption 1700W, 14.7 amps, 120V
Dimensions 20" x 14 1/4" x 12 1/2"
Weight (without water): 14 lbs.
Warranty 2 yrs boiler. 90 days electrical replacement parts


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Overall Rating:

Written By: texascleaner (Texas)
I have used this product for: 1-2 years
Expertise: intermediate
This product is: used in addition to another, similar product
Great value for a midrange cleaner Date: May 10, 2010
Pros: high quality, effective, easy to use, met my expectations
Cons: only one color
I researched many vapor cleaners like the ladybug among others. But in the end price was a big factor.

Having used these type cleaners in my last job (restaurants) I am familiar with their o... (see entire review)
2 of 2 people found this review helpful.
Overall Rating:

Written By: nycdebugged (New York, NY)
I have used this product for: 3-6 months
Expertise: beginner
This product is: the first product I have had like this
Essential fix for bed bugs!!! Date: February 11, 2009
Pros: high quality, effective, reliable, easy to use, met my expectations, kills bed bugs & their eggs
Cons: need to wait til a full cool down when refilling
This is the best machine I've ever purchased! I live in NYC and currently the beg bug epidemic is amazingly out of hand. It doesn't matter how clean you keep your home, the "scourge" can get in, and i... (see entire review)
31 of 31 people found this review helpful.
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