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Furnace Filters and Air Conditioning Filters

We are proud to provide you with a variety of only the best high quality furnace and air conditioning filters. The furnace filters we have selected are 6-8 times more effective than the majority of cheap disposable furnace filters available at your local hardware or "big box" store. Many of our furnace filters are permanent "wash and dry" filters that will save you hundreds of dollars over their lifetime. Use our furnace filters to stop allergens from entering your home and dust from circulating around your house.

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Furnace Filters

PUR5000 Whole House Furnace Filter
Better than HEPA!
$799.00  $699.00
  • Efficiency: >97% at .1 micron
  • Type: 1" permanent
  • Sizes: 2 choices
  • Warranty: 5 yr
Save $100
Blueair Furnace Filter System with MX2 Particle Charger
$199.95  $149.95
  • Efficiency: MERV 14
  • Type: 1" disposable
  • Sizes: 5 choices
  • Warranty: 5 yrs (MX2)
Save $50

Furnace Filters
$319.95 and up
  • Efficiency: 99% at 1 micron
  • Type: 1" permanent
  • Sizes: 35 choices
  • Warranty: 5 yrs


Aircleen Furnace Filters
$239.95 and up
  • Efficiency: 97% at 1 micron
  • Type: 1" permanent
  • Sizes: 16 choices
  • Warranty: 5 yr

Guardian Clean Air Furnace Filters by Aerus
$59.95  $39.95
  • Efficiency: MERV 12
  • Type: 1" disposable
  • Sizes: 3 choices
Save $20
Boair Furnace Filters
$89.95 and up
  • Efficiency: 85% at 1.5 micron
  • Type: 1" permanent
  • Sizes: 33 choices
  • Lifetime warranty

Safe Home Duo Furnace Filters
$39.95 and up
  • Efficiency: MERV 8
  • Type: 1" disposable
  • Sizes: 11 choices
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
Safe Home Duo 4 Deep Furnace Filters
$99.95 and up
  • Efficiency: MERV 7
  • Type: 4" disposable
  • Sizes: 4 choices
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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