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Down Comforters- Icelandic Eider Down Luxury Comforters

We searched to find the best hypoallergenic down comforters for our customers. We feature Eiderdown natural duck down comforters. These Eiderdown filled comforters make the very best in luxurious bedding.

Eiderdown Comforters - Icelandic Queen Size
Eiderdown fill, 300 tc silk cover, 8" box stitch, Winter weight, Queen size: 92" x 86". White. Details

Availability: Due to the worldwide economy pricing fluctuates. Please Call for Current Pricing 888-236-7231.

Eiderdown Comforters - Icelandic King Size
Eiderdown fill, 300 tc silk cover, 8" box stitch, Winter weight. King size: 102" x 92". White. Details

Availability: Due to the worldwide economy pricing fluctuates. Please Call for Current Pricing 888-236-7231.

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Description of Eiderdown Down Comforters

Icelandic Eider Down ComforterWe were tempted to wax poetic when writing about Eiderdown comforters, all sorts of eloquent phrases come to mind like "oh joyous rapture”, but we will try to be a bit more restrained.

So what is an Eiderdown comforter?
The true Eiderdown comforter is a rarity. It is the Faberge egg of comforters, and if you are concerned about price, this is clearly not a product for you. Let me tell you a little about them.

The finest, warmest and most rare down comforter in the world, Eiderdown is harvested from abandoned nests that the mother duck covers with down she plucks from her own breast to keep her eggs warm. The Eider ducks are protected from the usual commercial type of harvesting, and as you can imagine, hand harvesting after the nests have been abandoned is very labor intensive and expensive.

Features of Eiderdown Down Comforters

  • 100% silk, 300 thread count, and these ultra luxurious eiderdown comforters also have a smooth exterior satin piping.
  • The Eiderdown comforter shell has a shantung weave, which is a natural white color from the silk fiber.
  • Eiderdown provides excellent thermal insulation, but the comforter itself weighs next to nothing.
  • Eight-inch box-stitched squares allow the down to keep its loft, while preventing it from shifting around within the comforter.
  • Icelandic Eider Down Comforter
    This is a female Eider duck

How it Works:

There is a very limited world supply of Eiderdown each year, in the region of 2,000 kilos and it is diminishing yearly. An Eiderdown comforter, therefore is considered to be an heirloom. Eider down is the best insulator for regulating body temperature - no sweating, no freezing. The wild Eider duck is only found in the nethermost regions of the North Atlantic, principally in Iceland. The climatic condition under which these rare birds have survived, has given rise to a kind of down and subsequent insulating power which is off the scale in terms of what we usually think of in terms of "fill power", the usual measure of thermal insulating quality.

Fill power is usually determined by the size of the down clusters and the space of the air between them. The eider duck has very sticky and dense down clusters. Hard to describe because it is so different, but the result when it is put into a garment or comforter, is no bulk for incredible warmth. One nest provides about 15-20g of Eiderdown. The most unique and exquisite of all down!

Icelandic Eider Down Comforter
This is a close up of Eiderdown


Reports by Experts - Eiderdown Down Comforters

Expert Review:    Courtesy of

We have always been curious about Eiderdown. Is it as good as it is cracked up to be? What could possibly be worth that amount of money? Mary Jo, a true thrifty New Englander on our staff has been adamant. No comforter is worth that kind of money! She is also a fan of silk filled comforters and sleeps under our Imperial Silk Delight comforter. For around $300 or so, she is right, it is a luxury bargain and Mary Jo likes bargains. An Eiderdown is not a bargain, but it is something truly special! It is after all, considered to be one of the most sought after luxuries in the world.

When we first held Eiderdown in our hands we were astonished. Could anything actually be that light and actually keep you warm? Everyone had a hard time when we closed our eyes feeling any weight at all. When we were comparing the Eiderdown to other top grade, goose down comforters, it was clear that Eiderdown was simply in a class of its own. It seemed disconcertingly light to some of our staff who are use to being weighted down at night.


These incredible Eiderdown comforters are a custom order, and are covered with a 300 plus thread count silk. This makes them down proof but with a nice luxury feel. Then we would reluctantly put the finest of silk duvet covers on the comforter to prolong the life of the Eiderdown. The manufacturer claims they are Hypoallergenic, but at this price if you have any doubt, ask about our sample program. For more information on what exactly is meant by Hypoallergenic click here.


Technical Specifications of Eiderdown Down Comforters

Eiderdown Down Comforters
Hypoallergenic Yes
Thread Count 300
Comforters Weight or Season Winter
Comforters Fill 100% Icelandic Eider duck down
Comforters Fabric 100% silk
Comforters Piping Satin
Baffle of comforters Box design
3D-baffling Yes
Down Comforter Color Natural white


Available sizes

Size Winter Weight
Queen: 92" x 86" 39 oz. fill
King: 102" x 92" 44oz. fill


Customer Reviews


Notes regarding Eiderdown Down Comforters

Warranty: 10 year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

Please Note: Custom orders are not returnable unless covered under the warranty.

Availability: This product is custom made so please allow 3 -4 weeks for delivery.