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Dehumidifier Pump and Tubing

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Condensate Pump and Tubing

A Condensate pump is a great attachment for any dehumidifier without a water pump. With 20 ft. of tubing and a 15 ft. vertical lift this Condensate pump will help keep your basement dry.

Condensate Pump and Tubing
For constant drainage of dehumidifier where no floor drain is available and the only option is a sink, window or location in the floor above the room.

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  • Overview
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Description of Condensate Pump and Tubing

Dehumidifiers can be relentless, requiring constant attention, including frequently emptying a heavy bucket. Save yourself the time and aggravation with a condensate pump that will continuously remove water as needed and will pump 15 feet vertically or 20 feet horizontally. This condensate pump adapts to every dehumidifier we carry and comes standard with a 20 ft. hose but not the green one shown.

We also offer several dehumidifiers with pumps that are built-into the dehumidifier for basements, homes and commercial applications.

Condensate Pump and Tubing are ideal for someone who...
  • Owns a dehumidifier without an internal pump.
  • Prefers to continuously drain their dehumidifier rather than having to empty the bucket but does not have a floor drain.
  • The area where the water is to be drained to is off the floor like a sink, window, or the floor above the room.
  • They cannot or do not wish to elevate their dehumidifier from the floor to assist the flow of water into the drainage location.
  • Would prefer a pump that is very quiet and does not continuously run.
  • Wants a unit that can pump up to 15 feet vertically and several times horizontally along the ground.

Features of Condensate Pump and Tubing

  • Float switch: The pump will automatically activate when the water level is 2” from the top of the reservoir. Water will be pumped out until the float switch is once again activated, at which point the motor will stop
  • Power: 15 feet of vertical lift or 20 feet horizontally
  • Mounting brackets: Allows for secure mounting to the wall
  • Hose: 20 ft. hose included
  • 1 year warranty


Reports by Experts - Condensate Pump and Tubing

Expert Review:    Courtesy of AllergyBuyersClub.com


  • Energy Efficient: The pump does not run continuously. The reservoir’s water level controls the units operation.
  • Quiet Operation: when the pump is activated it sounds like a swoosh!
  • Low Maintenance: We really like that the pump turns itself on and off so you will never have to remember to change your dehumidifier’s bucket. Most dehumidifiers will not operate with a full bucket, having a pump will allow your dehumidifier to operate without disruption and to maintain a steady level of humidity in your basement.
  • Power: This Condensate pump has the power to pump water as needed up to 15 feet high or 20 feet long.


  • Dehumidifiers with Condensate hoses located below the pump's 4.5" inlet will need to be raised off the ground.
  • Does not have a safety switch in case the float malfunctions and pump reservoir overflows.


Technical Specifications of Condensate Pump and Tubing

Condensate Pump and Tubing
Dehumidifier pump
Motor (hp @ rpn): 1/20 @ 3000
Electrical 115V 1.3A
Inlet size 2 Inlets 1" & 1 - 3/8"
Pipe discharge size 3/8" in diameter
Reservoir capacity 3 qt.
Inlet heights 4.5
Max temp 110° F
Sealed reservoir No
Tubing 20 ft. hose included
Power Cord (ft.) 6 ft.
Weight 5 lbs.
Dimensions 9.25"W x 5.5"D x 8.25"H
Warranty 1 year warranty after installation


Dehumidifier pump
Condensate Pump and Tubing HP DE PUMPKT15  $84.95
Ideal attachment for constant drainage of dehumidifier where no floor drain is available and the only option is a sink, window, or location in the floor above the room. Comes with 20 ft. of discharge hose. Pumps water up to 15 feet high.

Availability: In Stock. Ships Same or Next Business Day.
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