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DampGuard humidity monitoring device

Dampguard Mold Prevention Device
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Dampguard Mold & Moisture Alarm

The DampGuard will measure the relative humidity at an area's surface so one can prevent mold by dehumidifying the area. Proper use of a dehumidifier will reduce the humidity at the surface and will lower the likelihood of present mold to grow or mold to develop in the first place.

  • Overview

Description of Dampguard Mold Warning Device

Mold does not develop and grow in the air but on a surface. So, don’t just measure the humidity of the air but at the surface where it counts. With the DampGuard one can now be proactive when it comes to preventing mold and moisture damage to surfaces in your room. The DampGuard is designed to monitor relative humidity directly on indoor surfaces and to provide visual inspection as to whether or not conditions are ripe for mold growth. It is a prevention tool and helps you assess if a specific location of your house is at risk allowing one the time to develop a successful strategy to prevent mold or surface damage. So, install the DampGuard and stop worrying about mold and moisture damage.

Dampguard Mold Warning Device are ideal for someone who...
  • Wants to know if conditions are right for mold development
  • Is interested in the humidity at the surface to address possible moisture damage
  • Needs to determine if their present strategy is effective or if further action is required

Features of Dampguard Mold Warning Device

  • Easy to read display: and interpretation of likelihood of mold and if action is needed
  • Installs in minutes
  • Instantly detects condensation to help prevent moisture related problems
  • Protects health: ideally suited for people prone to allergies and asthmatics
  • Display Interval: 5 seconds
  • Accuracy: (+ or -) 2%RH at 80%RH, (+or-) 4%RH above 90%RH, (+or-) 4%RH below 70%RH and above 30%RH
  • One year warranty

DampGuard humidity monitoring device

Backview of DampGuard


Reports by Experts - Dampguard Mold Warning Device

Expert Review:    Courtesy of AllergyBuyersClub.com
When we tested the DampGuard we were impressed how effectively it identified mold potential as the conditions changed in the environment. Initially, it was in the red (probable) zone and after running a dehumidifier for a day or two we were able to improve conditions into the green (unlikely) zone. However, further in the test when the humidity increased while we were using outside ventilation it registered in the yellow (crtical) range. Closing the windows and starting up our dehumidifier quickly got it back to the green safe zone. We were impressed on how easy it was to install the DampGuard, insert the batteries, and start receiving constant monitoring of the conditions at a particular surface.


  • Constant updates: Receive a new reading every 5 seconds
  • Easy installation: Installs in seconds. Runs on 2 AAA batteries.
  • Clear display: 4 LEDs display with easy interpretation


  • Cannot monitor all areas where mold can grow especially on the other side of the wall or surface
  • Does not detect mold


If you are concerned about the likelihood of developing mold than the Dampguard is an easy and inexpensive way to constantly monitor your conditions. Now you can take a proactive instead of reactive approach to preventing mold.



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