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Alkaline Water Ionizers

For the ultimate in both water purity and health benefits, consider our new dual purpose Alkaline Water Ionizers, which not only purify your water but alter its acid-alkaline balance for the optimum in preventive healthcare. Water ionizers help neutralize and restore your body's acid and alkaline environment in your body. Water ionizers improve hydration, can reduce blood pressure and hypertension, help the digestion system to digest food efficiently and will allow the body to rid more toxins. We offer a variety of water ionizers to suite your needs including countertop, under sink and portable units, all easy to set up. We also offer a unique Doulton Dual countertop water filtration system which features both an UltraCarb ceramic filter to remove dirt, chlorine taste, odor and harmful parasites as well as an Alkaline and ORP enhancement filter for balanced pH alkaline water with improved Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP). Find out why the Japanese Governments pay its citizens to have these machines in their homes.

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