WaveShield 2000 Gold Oval Cell Phone EMF Shields

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The WaveShield 2000 Gold Oval Shield has been discontinued.

The WaveShield 2000 Gold will block up to 99% of the electromagnetic radiation that may enter the inner ear without affecting the sound quality. The use of cell phones may contribute to symptoms like headaches, fatigue, tingling sensations and even memory loss. The WaveShield 2000 Gold is an easy and effective way to protect yourself while on your cell phone from potentially harmful EMFs. It is available in an oval style for older cell phones model with an oval or rectangular ear speaker and a slim style for the newer cell phones with a small ear speaker. The oval style is also recommended for use on a computer screen to reduce EMF exposure. Just apply one shield to each corner of the computer monitor or laptop screen for protection.

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  • Wants the ultimate protection from EMF radiation while using their cell phone
  • Has young children and adolescents in their family using cell phones
  • Is constantly using their cell phone multiple hours a day
  • Wants to protect themselves from EMF radiation from the screen of their computer or laptop

  • For use on computer monitors and laptops
  • Easy to install in seconds
  • Blocks up to 99% of the EMF radiation emitted through the cell phone earpiece
  • Made of a Patent protected product originally developed for use in clothing to protect workers exposed to radiation
  • Comfortable with its soft Comfort Cushion
  • Will not affect reception
  • Very affordable

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For Use On Laptops/Notebooks and Computer Screens

1. Carefully lift the shield from the plastic
2. Position the shield to center it on the phone ear speaker
3. Gently press down and hold for 30 seconds
4. Do not remove and/or reapply the shield

*iPhone 4 Note: The iPhone 4 has the camera on the left side of speaker. In order to avoid obscuring the camera, you will need to trim the left side of the the shield.


  • Works to shield laptop and computer screens too
  • Attaches in seconds
  • Does not affect reception
  • Soft Comfort Cushion
  • Reduces harmful cell phone or computer screen EMF radiation by as much as 50% up to 99%


  • Does not shield EMFs emitted from the antenna or body of the phone
  • Cannot be removed once applied to use on a different phone


We are very excited with the WaveShield 2000 Gold shield for its peak performance at such a low price. The reduction in EMF exposure by such an inexpensive and easy to install product will make it possible for anyone with a cell phone to be protected. Cell phone use, particularly for extended periods of time, have been linked to symptoms like headaches, fatigue, tingling sensations, and even memory loss. No definitive conclusions have been made on the long term effects of cell phone use but the WaveShield offers an easy way to take preventative measures against EMF radiation when using a cell phone or computer, as more research and testing data on the topic is collected. The Oval style is very versatile and is recommended for use on laptop and computer monitor screens to shield EMFs.

WaveShield 2000 Gold Oval Shield


WaveShield 2000 Gold Oval Shield

  • Oval Shape
  • For use on cell phones, laptops and computer monitors screens
  • Fits older cell phone models

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  WaveShield 2000 Gold Oval Shield

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Warranty: One Year Warranty

Availability: Ships out in 1 to 2 business days
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