Watersafe City Water Test Kits #WS-425B

The Watersafe City Water Test Kits #WS-425B has been discontinued.

The Watersafe City Water Test Kit, formerly call the All-In-One Home Water Test Kit, tests your drinking water for unsafe or undesirable levels of 8 common contaminants. This kit includes everything you need to get fast, accurate results at home. Follow instructions carefully for each test and compare results to the desired values.

The simple, affordable Watersafe City Water Test Kit is an all-in-one water test that allows you to feel confident in the water you drink. Get professional lab results right in your own home! This one-of-a-kind water test kit tests for 8 of the most common and potentially hazardous contaminants, such as bacteria, chlorine, lead, nitrates and pesticides from your drinking water. Simply collect a water sample from your tap and watch the results appear right before your eyes! The City Water Test Kit is a great step in maintaining a healthy, contaminant-free home.

Watersafe City Water Test Kits #WS-425B are ideal for someone who...

  • Who needs to accurately find out if the water contains unsafe or undesirable levels of 8 common contaminants
  • Wants an affordable test kit that delivers professional lab results

  • Tests 8 of the most common and potentially hazardous contaminants found in your drinking water including:
    • Bacteria: such as strains of E.coli
    • Lead: which may cause developmental harm, neurological and kidney damage
    • Pesticides: from possible agricultural uses and linked to increased cancer rates
    • Nitrates/Nitrites: from fertilizers and animal waste and can cause developmental problems
    • Chlorine: produces bad taste and smell
    • Hardness: causes lime scale and higher detergent use
    • pH: can cause heavy metal (lead) leaching and plumbing damage
  • Compare your results with EPA-recommended levels
  • Get professional lab results in your own home
  • Get analytical quality results in a matter of seconds
  • No special equipment or training required
  • Test kit includes: 1 Bacteria test vial, 1 Lead/Pesticide test packet, 1 Nitrate/Nitrite test packet and 1 pH/Hardness/Chlorine test packet

Home Drinking Water Test Kit for City Water

Do not drink the water samples used for testing. Store and use at a room temperature of 60-80°F. Do not use on hot water or water containing bleach or detergents. Do not re-use any part of the test kit. Do not open packets or vial until you are ready to perform the tests.
Watersafe is a screening test and cannot be used to certify water as safe or unsafe for drinking.

Water Test Desired Value:
EPA maximum contaminant levels or guideline standards
Bacteria None
Lead Below 15 ppb
Pesticides Below 3ppb (atrazine), Below 4ppb (simazine)
Nitrate Below 1.0 ppm
Total Nitrate/Nitrate Below 10.0 ppm
Total Chlorine Below 4 ppm
pH 6.5 to 8.5
Total Hardness 50 ppm or less
By Staff Member of Boston Green Goods


I recently moved into a new home and since we love to drink lots of water it was important to find out if there were any traces of harmful contaminants. The Watersafe City Water Test Kit (formerly called the All-In-One Water Test Kit) was the perfect start to see at first glance if we needed to take action and go a step further by spending money on a professional lab evaluation or install certain water purifiers. This affordable test kit included everything we needed to see if there were any common chemicals, such as bacteria, lead, nitrates, in the drinking water. I was very impressed with how easy the instructions were to understand since each step was clearly written out. First I started with the Bacteria test. It was so simple, all you needed was to place a small amount of water into the vial given (and make sure you have a slow steady stream when filling it up - it will fill up fast!), shake vigorously and wait 48 hours for the results. Since the test kit compares to the EPA recommended levels, it was clearly determined after waiting 48 hours that our water did not contain harmful traces of bacteria. Next was to test for the lead, which was extremely easy as well, especially since it included a nice dropper to collect the water sample. Without this nice little feature it could have made performing the test a bit more difficult. I moved on to the other tests with ease and as mentioned before the instructions were very detailed ensuring no mistakes were made. After seeing all of the results, to my surprise there were no 'red flags' and our drinking water was at a healthy level. However, since we still enjoy crisp, great tasting drinking water we still eventually plan on installing a water filter.

Watersafe City Water Test Kits #WS-425B


Watersafe City Water Test Kits #WS-425B

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  Watersafe City Water Test Kits #WS-425B

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