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The Verilux Rise & Shine Xenon Replacement Bulb has been discontinued.

  • Wants an alarm clock that will ease them awake using sunrise simulation and nature sounds
  • Hates being abruptly awoken by a blaring alarm buzzer and is looking for a natural stress-free alternative
  • Wants an all-in-one natural spectrum bedside lamp, alarm clock, AM/FM radio, sound machine, and sunrise/sunset simulator

  • Multi-Functional lamp: natural spectrum bedside lamp is great for reading and it features a fully programmable alarm clock with AM/FM radio, nature sounds and sunrise/sunset simulator
  • Sunrise/Sunset Simulation: synchronized light and sound simulate natures dawn and dusk cycles helping to maintain the body's natural circadian balance
  • Authentic Nature Sounds: 8 digitally mastered recordings of soothing sounds can be used anytime to reduce stress, promote well-being and elevate mood
  • Natural Spectrum Light: with the ability to slowly adjust from soft to super-bright light, the natural spectrum xenon 60W bulb delivers illuminating light equivalent to a 150W ordinary bulb; lasts up to 2,000 hours (1 bulb included with lamp)
  • Large, Crisp LCD Clock Display: easy to read with clearly marked controls and 7 different ambient background colors – customize the display to suit your décor and mood or let it slowly cycle through the 7 colors
  • AM/FM Radio: can be use alone or with the alarm clock feature (for those who find the nature sounds annoying)
  • Built-in high-fidelity Mylar speaker: provides rich, clear sounds at any volume
  • Bonus Personal Pillow speaker: wake up to your favorite sounds without waking your bedmate, just place the personal pillow speaker beneath your pillow (Included Free with lamp – a $19.95 value)
  • Colors: Ivory

LCD display panel (graphite color no longer available)


  • Gently awake naturally to soothing sounds and a simulated sunrise
  • Am/Fm radio can be used on its own or programmed to use as the alarm
  • Bright natural spectrum light is great for reading, helps increase contrast and color rendering to reduce eyestrain and fatigue
  • Fully programmable – customize and set alarm to fit your personal preferences
  • Adjustable color & brightness display lets you find the setting that works best for you


  • Slightly confusing to program – use the instruction manual
  • The clock display is quite bright even on the darker colors
  • The lamp's appearance is not very stylized and will not fit in with the décor of a posh or stylized bedroom


A nice alternative to the disruptive, harsh sounds of a blaring alarm clock. The gradual brightening of the light combined with the gently increasing sound (of your choice) creates a stress-free, more enjoyable morning. We recommend referring to the user manual when first programming the alarm settings to eliminate confusion and frustration. Our testers really enjoyed the gentle awakening and illumination this lamp provided. It was much easier to get out of bed with the room bathed in natural spectrum daylight mimicking a sunny summer morning. They found the colored clock display to be bright, but easy to get use to once you find a color that works for you. This lamp is fully programmable allowing you to customize everything from the color of the display panel, to what you want as an alam (noise, light or both), to the duration of the wake and snooze cycles.

Verilux Rise & Shine Xenon Replacement Bulb

Verilux Rise & Shine Xenon Replacement Bulb

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  Verilux Rise & Shine Xenon Replacement Bulb

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