Verilux® Full Spectrum Heritage Desk and Floor Lamps

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The Verilux® Full Spectrum Heritage Desk Lamps has been discontinued.

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Light up a room with a natural full spectrum lamp that combines the beauty of antique brushed brass or nickel and the convenience of modern features. Verilux's Heritage desk lamps are the ultimate reading lamps providing flicker-free, natural lighting that displays true colors, helping to reduce headaches and eye strain. These lamps are fully adjustable with a telescopic shaft and multi-directional swivel head to direct the light where you want it. Enjoy reading, writing, computer work and more with glare-free lighting that is energy efficient!

Verilux® Full Spectrum Heritage Desk and Floor Lamps are ideal for someone who...

  • Wants natural lighting to show true colors, increase contrast between black & white and sharpen visibility
  • Wants an lamp that can be adjusted to shine light where its needed
  • Would like multiple brightness control
  • Want an energy efficient lamp

    Note: Studies have shown that natural lighting contributes to an overall sense of health and well being by lifting energy levels while improving moods.

  • Natural Full Spectrum Lighting: Only the Verilux bulb uses Trucolite Phosphor Technology to produce original Natural Spectrum indoor sunlight.
  • Optix Glare Control Filter: Instantly provides glare and flicker free light to reduce headaches and eyestrain.
  • Energy efficient: Uses a 27 watt compact fluorescent bulb that requires one fourth of the energy of an incandescent bulb.
  • Quality Design: With a timeless design, all metal construction, hand-polished antiqued brushed brass or nickel finish, and microprocessor controlled power adapter, the Heritage lamps add a touch of class that will last for generations.
  • Adjustable design: 360° swivel and telescopic height adjustments allows you to shine light exactly where you need it with a locking positioning knob.
  • Three-way brightness control: Adjusts between 75, 100 and 150 watt settings to fit your personal preference.


The heritage lamps offer a timeless design that is classier than the previous Verilux lamp models. We are sure that you will love your Heritage desk lamps. The natural spectrum “indoor sunlight” provided by these lamps will make reading, computer work, and other task much more pleasant and easier on the eyes. The super energy efficient bulb produces flicker-free, instant-on, bright, natural white light that shows true colors, eases eyestrain, saves money and lasts 10 times longer then the average bulb.

Verilux® Full Spectrum Heritage Desk Lamps


Verilux® Full Spectrum Heritage Desk Lamps

  • Three point adjustability for full control over height and angle
  • Uses 8.5' of desk space
  • Height adjusts from 11.5' to 17.5'
  • Head dimensions: 8.9'L x 5.4'W x 2.6'H

Technical Specifications of Verilux® Full Spectrum Heritage Desk Lamps

  Verilux® Full Spectrum Heritage Desk Lamps
Agency Listing
Agency Listing UL listed
Lamp Color
Lamp Color Antiqued Brushed Nickel
Weight of Lamps
Weight of Lamps 10.8 lbs.
Type of bulb
Type of bulb Verilux 27W compact fluorescent
Bulb duration
Bulb duration Up to 10,000 hrs
Lamp Dimensions
Lamp Dimensions 8.5' Base, 11.5' - 17.5'Height
Head: 8.9'L x 5.4'W x 2.6'H
Light switch
Light switch Located on Base
Cord 8 ft. cord

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Warranty: 3-year limited warranty.

Availability: Usually ships out in 1-2 business days.
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