The Pure Company Premium Carbon Block Water Filter

The The Pure Company Premium Carbon Block Water Filter has been discontinued.


Product Specifications

Size: 2" D x 7.5" H
Weight: .50 lb
Working pressure: None-gravity fed
Unrestricted flow: > 1 gallon per hour with 2 inches of head
Replacement: Every 12 months


  • Specifically designed for municipal water sources
  • Improves the taste of your water, removes odors and increases clarity
  • Premium Carbon Block Filter removes between 95-99% of substances like chlorine, chromium, lead, mercury and fluoride from tap water
  • Our Premium Carbon Block Filter is specially designed to discourage bacteria growth
  • Our decanter filters are over 60% cheaper to replace than those used by major water pitcher brands
  • Designed to last for approximately one year (750 gallons)
  • Made in the USA in Detroit, Michigan
  • California Residents: The Pure Company Premium Carbon Block Filter is not available in California. California Residients will receive the Pure Company Standard Carbon Block Filter which is designed to provide high quality drinking water through a gravity type application for rnuniciple treated water supplies. The molded block technology is specifically designed to improve taste, clarity and odor without using water pressure ore prewetting procedures.

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