Stadler Form Otto Fans #O001

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The Stadler Form Otto Fan - African Saeple Wood has been discontinued.

The powerful and impressive looking Stadler Form Otto Fan can be used in homes, offices and light commercial settings for cooling and air circulation. Fast, free shipping. Ratings & reviews.

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Our Stadler Form Otto Fan exudes beauty, quality and performance. With its 3 quiet fan speeds and solid construction, the Otto will cool and ventilate your bedroom, office and other indoor living spaces efficiently and quickly. High grade steel balances the natural form of the African sapele wood with modern contemporary style. A reliable and sturdy fan, such as the Otto, works well in conjunction with air purifiers and dehumidifiers to help increase air circulation and the machine's effectiveness.
  • Would like a reliable and sturdy fan to help circulate the air in stuffy household and light commercial settings.
  • Would like a stylish, contemporary fan to increase the air flow and help to eliminate allergens.
  • Has a moisture and mold growth problem and needs help increasing air circulation in a room.

  • Adjustable industrial fan for proper air circulation
  • Crafted from African Saeple Wood
  • Features 3 speeds
    • Speed 1: 583 rpm – 5,900 cubic feet per hour
    • Speed 2: 743 rpm – 7,050 cubic feet per hour
    • Speed 3: 1045 rpm – 8,265 cubic feet per hour
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Height-adjustable feet
  • High grade steel frame and components
  • Blades are protected by a removable steel grill

Otto is made of African Saeple Wood and high grade steel.
The Stadler Form Otto Fan will get the air moving swiftly and provide optimal cooling in the home, office and other oppressive areas.


  • Fashionable and functional! The African Saeple Wood and metal truly compliment each other and will blend in perfectly with modern interiors.
  • 3 adjustable fan speeds will create a pleasant breeze and will circulate the air powerfully, quickly and quietly. Proper ventilation and air circulation, especially while using a dehumidifier or air purifier, is essential with lowering humidity levels and improving your overall indoor air quality.
  • Runs quietly and will not disturb the overall environment (for example, while watching TV, working in the office and talking with friends and family).
  • Solid and unfailing construction that will provide years of use.


  • Not an oscillating fan. However, its powerful aluminum blades do a sufficient job with circulating the air throughout an entire room.


It's not often that you can find a fan that is powerful and offers great style. The Stadler Form Otto is crafted and designed to be appealing, quiet and durable so that you can have long-lasting and satisfying relief during those warm and humid days. In summary, The Otto is a wonderful addition for those who want to stay cool and circulate the air without using one of those loud, bulky and often unsightly fans typically found out on the market today.

Stadler Form Otto Fan - African Saeple Wood


Stadler Form Otto Fan - African Saeple Wood

Technical Specifications of Stadler Form Otto Fan - African Saeple Wood

  Stadler Form Otto Fan - African Saeple Wood
Noise Level
Noise Level Speed 1: 34.7 dB
Speed 2: 38.3dB
Speed 3: 48.2 dB
Power Consumption
Power Consumption 45 watts
Dimensions 13.7' W x 14.8' H x 7.2' D
Weight 9.4 lbs
Warranty 2 years

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