Kumi Kookoon Silk Filled Pillows

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Silk filled pillows by Kumi Kookoon have pure silk filling and charmeuse silk covering. Available in a variety of sizes below.

Silk Filled Pillows with Charmeuse Silk Covering

100% pure mulberry silk filling, pure charmeuse silk cover, double fill w/ 4' loft, Sizes- boudoir 12' x 16', standard , queen , king

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Kumi Kookoon’s single-fill and double-fill pillows provide the ultimate slumber with pure mulberry silk filling and charmeuse silk covering! Kumi Kookoon silk white silk charmeuse cover pillows provide your skin and hair with essential amino acids that act as natural nutrients while they soothe you to sleep. The softest, luxurious and purest pillow available is also 100% hypoallergenic and deters allergens and dust mites. Available in either a single or double filling and a variety of sizes.

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  • Two fill types
    • Single-fill pillow: approximately 2" loft; ideal for those of you who want a flat, supple pillow that can be scrunched up or place on top of another pillow
    • Double-fill pillow: approximately 4" loft; soft with a medium density to provide more support to head and neck
  • Available in Standard, Queen, King, Boudoir and Baby size
  • Soft firmness level
  • Low loft
  • Filled with raw mulberry silk
  • Outer cover is pure charmeuse silk
  • Allergen-free
  • Naturally 100% hypoallergenic
  • Inhospitable to dust mites
  • Purer alternative to down or wool fill
  • Low moisture retention
  • Wicks moisture away from the body
  • Adjusts to the environment’s temperature acting warmer in winter, cooler in the summer
  • Silk fibers naturally adhere to one another withstanding deterioration
  • Composed of 18 essential amino acids
  • Studies show amino acids can counter the effects of aging, especially in the facial skin
  • Amino acids can help calm the nervous system

Silk is an excellent choice of bedding for anyone who wants the ultimate in comfort and luxury while sleeping. It is particularly good for those who have allergies, arthritis or other ailments because it is naturally hypoallergenic, inhospitable to dust mites and moisture, mildew and odor resistant. Since silk bedding provides a drier environment, it is a perfect choice for our customers with arthritis or other ailments that are aggravated by dampness. Silk is also lightweight, which means it will not put any added pressure on sensitive joints.

Dry clean only. Do not machine wash or wet clean. For everyday freshness, air your silk bedding for a few minutes in indirect sunlight. The sun will naturally encourage silk to release impurities trapped inside the fiber. We recommend keeping comforters and pillows covered at all times during use and taking them to a professional dry cleaner that has experience cleaning charmeuse silk products when they need to be cleaned. To rejuvenate the loft of a silk-filled pillow, the manufacturer recommends placing it in the dryer on tumble dry with no heat for a few minutes.

Kumi Kookoon uses grade A raw mulberry silk to make all of the Classic Collection bedding. Silkworms that are fed only pure mulberry leaves produce this silk. This raw silk is then hand-stretched and sewn together to make a silk filling that will not bunch or shift. It is also woven into a satin-finished charmeuse silk for covering the silk pillow.

Silk Filled Pillows with Charmeuse Silk Covering


Silk Filled Pillows with Charmeuse Silk Covering

  • Style: Kumi Kookoon’s silk filled pillows are delightfully soft and healthy. Pillows come have a soft firmness level with single or double filling.
  • Type of silk: Pure charmeuse silk covering with with raw mulberry silk filling.
  • Loft sizes: Single-fill pillow: has a loft of approximately 2” and is ideal for those of you who want a flat, supple pillow that can be scrunched up or place on top of another pillow. Double-fill pillow: has approximately 4” of loft and is in between a soft and a medium feel pillow with double the amount of filling.
  • Sizes: Available in Standard, Queen, and King sizes in Single or Double fill or Boudoir (12” X 16”) size in Single fill only

Technical Specifications of Silk Filled Pillows with Charmeuse Silk Covering

  Silk Filled Pillows with Charmeuse Silk Covering

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Filters & Accessories for Silk Filled Pillows with Charmeuse Silk Covering

Silk Pillows Size Fills Available
Baby 8” x14” Single fill - 2” only
Boudoir 12” x 16” Single fill - 2” or Double fill - 4”
Standard 20” x 26” Single fill - 2” or Double fill - 4”
Queen 20” x 30” Single fill - 2” or Double fill - 4”
King 20” x 36” Single fill - 2” or Double fill - 4”

Please Note: Unopened bedding may be returned less inbound and outbound shipping charges. Opened bedding returned that is not used will be subject to an additional 25% restocking charge.

Availability: Ships out in 3 business days.

Note: This product is custom made.
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