Sienna Eco Steamer Vapor Steam Cleaners #SSC-0312

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The Sienna Eco Steamer Vapor Steam Cleaners has been discontinued.

The Sienna Eco Steamer is out of stock. Replacement parts are available below.

Using nothing more than 212° steam vapor, the compact Sienna Eco Steamer Steam Cleaner will provide a deep-clean like no other and make your household cleaning chores fast and easy. The included accessory set allows you to reduce allergens, bacteria and mold on floors and virtually any nook and cranny in the home. Simply put, the Samson is an economical and user-friendly solution for cleaning smaller homes and apartments without harsh chemicals.
  • Has a smaller home or apartment and would like a compact steam cleaner to quickly tackle everyday cleaning tasks.
  • Is new to steam cleaning and would like an entry-level, user-friendly steam cleaner.
  • Is sensitive to chemicals and traditional household cleaners and would like a non-toxic, natural way to clean.
  • Wants an efficient way to clean the home without spending money on numerous cleaning products.

  • Safely clean using 100% chemical-free dry 212°F vapor steam
  • Single fill boiler constructed of stainless steel
  • Includes 9 accessory attachments
  • Includes 2 floor brush pads and 1 triangular brush pad (machine washable)
  • Provides continuous steam for 40 minutes
  • Steam regulation button on handle
  • Safety lock
  • Power on/off indicator
  • Easy carry handle on unit
  • Solid rubber back wheels

Use of round brush

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1. Steam Quality - Temperature, Pressure & Dryness
2. Quality of Accessories & Easy To Put On and Takeoff
3. Ability to Maintain Dry Steam and Pressure
4. Quality of Boiler & Overall Machine Construction
5. Tank Capacity & Length of Cleaning Time Per Tankfull
6. Heat Up Time
7. Ability To Regulate Steam – Quantity of Adjustment Levels & Location (on the handle or unit)
8. Length of Power Cord, Hose & Overall Operating Radius
9. Maneuverability & Ease of Use
10. Safety Features
11. Manufacturer's Credibility Including Return Policy & Warranty
12. Value For the Price

The Sienna Eco Steamer Steam Cleaning is a convenient and healthy method of removing stubborn stains, grime, dirt, bacteria, dust mites and other allergens.


  • Affordable and effective all purpose cleaning tool for smaller homes, condos and apartments.
  • Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy carrying up stairs and movement throughout the home.
  • Provided a hot, dry steam without much dripping or leaking.
  • Leaves behind a sparkling clean, sanitized surface free of chemical residues.
  • Includes a variety of attachments for attacking a wide range of cleaning tasks. We found each accessory easy to take on and off.
  • Very user-friendly which makes it a great choice for those beginning to get into steam cleaning.


  • No tank empty indicator.
  • Large trigger switch may be cumbersome for some.
  • Cannot adjust the amount of steam.


Everyday dirt, dust and grime can be a real problem for those with allergies, asthma, respiratory issues or for those who like to constantly keep a clean environment. The Sienna Eco Steamer transforms ordinary tap water into high temperature, dry steam vapor that is capable of eliminating bacteria, allergens, mold, dirt and grime from household surfaces. The Eco Steamer is a no-frills, entry-level steam cleaner that can be used nearly anywhere in the home without a large price tag.

Sienna Eco Steamer Vapor Steam Cleaners


Sienna Eco Steamer Vapor Steam Cleaners

Technical Specifications of Sienna Eco Steamer Vapor Steam Cleaners

  Sienna Eco Steamer Vapor Steam Cleaners
Boiler Temperature
Boiler Temperature 212°F
Continuous Refill
Continuous Refill No
Pressure Gauge
Pressure Gauge No
Tank Capacity
Tank Capacity 40.6 fl. oz. (1.2 liters)
Heat up time
Heat up time 4 minutes
Operating Time
Operating Time 40 minutes
Power Cord Length
Power Cord Length 16.4'
Boiler Material
Boiler Material Stainless steel
Wattage & Power Consumption
Wattage & Power Consumption 1350 watts, 120 V
Dimensions 10'H x 12'L x 8'D
Weight 10.34 lbs
Warranty 1 year

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