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The OptiChamber Pediatric Masks has been discontinued.

The OptiChamber Advantaged valved holding chamber by Philips Respironics is no longer available.

The OptiChamber Pediatric Masks in Small and Medium are still available for sale below.

The OptiChamber Advantage valved holding chamber helps delivers asthma inhaler medication in the most efficient way. With optimal performance and optimal value, the OptiChamber Advantage provides an advantage in Metered Dose Inhaler therapy targeting more drug to the lungs than an MDI alone. It is ideal for any age and very versatile fitting a variety of sized masks. It also accommodates all CFC and HFA inhalers. Made of thermoplastics with silicone rubber valve, no latex.

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  • Uses a metered dose inhaler and wants more efficient drug delivery to their lungs (OptiChamber accommodates a wide variety of CFC and HFA inhaler canisters)
  • Has a low air flow rate (pediatric or elderly use)

  • Optimal Performance: independent aerosol laboratory research confirms that the OptiChamber Advantage delivers a high-quality fine particle medicine dose across a wide spectrum of flow rates with a variety of drugs
  • Large Volume Chamber: OptiChamber's larger size allows more fine particles to be available for inhalation and reduces the sensitivity to users technique (such as flow rate and delay between medication release and inhalation)
  • Clear, High-impact Polycarbonate Chamber: constructed of high-quality theromoplastics it is durable and designed to withstand multiple cleanings
  • Patented Valve System: with multiple exhaust ports prevents exhaled breath from entering the chamber and vents the exhaled breath around the circumference of the valve
  • Replaceable 1-way Silicone Valve: is sensitive enough to respond to the lowest of pediatric flow rates
  • Clear Mouthpiece: allows monitoring of drug release and inhalation times and the circular shape encourages proper mouth placement
  • High-Flow Warning Whistle: encourages proper inhalation speed and is permanently attached so it won't dislodge
  • MDI Adapter: accommodates a wide variety of CFC and HFA MDI inhalers and provides a snug fit for proper alignment to reduce drug loss against chamber walls
  • Detachable Pediatric Masks: small and medium sized child masks are available for use with the OptiChamber
  • Quality Assurance: 100% of OptiChamber units are quality control inspected at the factory before shipment.
  • Durable and Easy to Clean: dishwasher safe; the mouthpiece and valve are removable to allow for regular and thorough cleaning
  • Life Span: should last up to 1 year with proper care (i.e., cleaning and routine valve replacement every 6 months)

MDI with OptiChamber Efficiency Diagram

MDI Only Efficiency Diagram

OptiChamber with Small Pediatric Mask

Your Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) releases a cloud of medicine into the holding chamber. The valved holding chamber contains the medicine while you inhale it in one or two slow, deep breaths. The special valve is designed to open upon inhalation and close on exhalation to contain the medicine in the holding chamber. The use of a valved holding chamber with your MDI prevents problems with timing and coordination of your inhale breath and release of medicine. It makes inhalation easier and reduces coughing.

If you don't use your MDI in the right way, a lot of your medicine is wasted and ends up in your mouth, throat, and stomach or in the air. A valved holding chamber targets the medicine to your lungs reducing this waste and also helps prevent yeast infections in your mouth (know as thrush).
Plastic Holding Chambers naturally have an electrostatic charge that attracts and traps aerosol particles onto the walls of the chamber reducing the amount of medication available for inhalation. For most efficient use, reduce static charge before treatment.

To reduce static charge the patient has 2 options:
    1.attach the Optichamber to MDI and then prime MDI. This will coat the inside of the chamber
    2.wash the chamber in hot soapy water, rinse well and let air dry

OptiChamber Pediatric Masks


OptiChamber Pediatric Masks

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  OptiChamber Pediatric Masks

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Warranty: 6 month warranty

Availability: Usually ships out next business day

PLEASE NOTE: We are required to obtain a doctor's prescription for this product. You are welcome to order first and then fax the prescription to us at 781-843-2163 with your order confirmation number referenced.

Due to state laws, we cannot ship asthma relief products to California.
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