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RejuveNite™ Natural Talalay Latex Pillows

Crafting the finest latex sleep products in the world takes a unique combination of technology, experience and passion. These pillows are manufactured using state of the art facilities, where every aspect of daily operations has been fine-tuned to set the industry standard for product quality, manufacturing flexibility, efficiency, and service.

The RejuveNite pillows are manufactured using the Talalay Process. All products are made under the most rigorous quality control standards, assuring the latex is the most resilient, breathable and consistent available. The Talalay process features two unique steps: vacuum and freezing the latex foam – to produce the superior consistency and feel of our products. Talalay Latex is derived from natural materials such as the rubber tree and then crafted through a water-based production method into the size and firmness levels that will suit your needs. It is the healthiest sleep environment available and a great choice for anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma. Talalay Latex material will last for years and is maintenance free – your pillows will never need fluffing!

Latex Foam Rubber made in the USA.

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Rejuvenite Talalay Classic High Profile Medium/Firm Latex Pillow

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Sleepland Head and Neck Support Pillows

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Rejuvenite Talalay Classic Low Profile Plush Latex Pillow

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