pureguardian™ H1010 Ultrasonic Humidifier

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The pureguardian™ H1010 Ultrasonic Humidifier has been discontinued.

This Humidifier has been Discontinued. As an alternative we recommend the PowerPure 2000.

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The pureguardian™ H1010 is a great little humidifier to condition the air in your personal space and is small enough to fit in your luggage when traveling. Its compact size fits nicely on a night stand or office desk and ultrasonic operation makes it virtually silent. The H1010 has a simple design that is very easy to use and requires no costly replacement filters, wicks or pads. It humidifies instantly emitting a cool mist with a manual knob for variable mist adjustment. It has a soft glow night light and low water indicator. The water tank holds approximately 4 cups of water (0.21 gallon) and utilizes Silver Clean technology to fight the growth of mold and mildew in the water tank.

  • Small and compact design - suitable for traveling
  • Emits a consistent cool mist
  • Silver Clean™ Technology fights the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the water tank
  • Variable mist output via rotary dial control
  • Multi-directional mist output nozzle
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Auto shut off with low water indicator
  • Soft glow night light
  • Low energy consumption - max. 18 watts
  • Low maintenance

The pureguardian™ H1010 Ultrasonic Humidifier uses a metal diaphragm vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency to create water droplets that are expelled out into the room to help maintain the desired humidity level. An ultrasonic humidifier is virtually silent when operating and mist output is immediate.

Wash out the unit with fresh water using a cleaning brush and soft cloth. To clean the water tank, simply fill with clean water and shake to remove water scaling. To clean ultrasonic disk, use the included cleaning brush to remove build up and deposits from the area. Do not use any detergents or soap as this may damage the ultrasonic disc.

Place on a table top, desk top or night stand. Do not place on the floor.

Please note: The manufacturer recommends the use of distilled water to limit or prevent mineral dust and build up. The following situations could contribute to excessive white dust. Please avoid:
  • Using water that has been treated by a water softening system could result in an increased incidence of white dust due to the excess sodium in the softened water. Therefore, it is recommended to use water that bypasses the system, bottled, or distilled water.
  • Use of this product with a negative ionizer air purifier or air cleaner with an optional post ionizing function could contribute to an increased collection of dust on surfaces. If this occurs try operating this product without the negative ionizer air purifier or with the optional ionizing function on the air cleaner off.
1. Room Coverage
2. Level of Quietness
3. Filter Life & Cost of Replacement Cartridges N/A
4. Amount of Maintenance Required
5. Anti-bacterial Features
6. Ease of Filling
7. Ease of Operation and Filter Replacement
8. Quality of Construction
9. Humidistat to select desired humidity level & hygrometer to display the actual humidity in the room N/A
10. Frequency of Filling
11. Value for Price

The pureguardian™ H1010 ultrasonic humidifier replaces the older H1000 model. The H1010 has a more attractive design and offers a variable mist dial control to adjust humidity output.


  • Small size is easy to bring to the office or to pack in your bag when traveling.
  • More durable and holds more water than a water bottle travel humidifier.
  • Water tank is easy to fill and lightweight to carry when full.
  • Very quiet operation will not disturb you as you sleep or work.
  • Immediate, constant mist output for instant relief from dry air.
  • Outputs enough humidity to make the air in your personal space more comfortable.
  • Variable-setting knob control for easy adjustment of mist output.
  • Built-in mold and mildew protection is convenient and eliminates the need to add a silver stick or silver cube as recommended by other brands.
  • Low water indicator makes it easy to know when to refill and turns the unit off for safety.
  • Affordable and easy to maintain. It requires no filters, pads or wicks.
  • Covered by the same 3 year warranty as the larger, more expensive pureguardian™ ultrasonic humidifiers.


  • Only humidifies a small area. It will not adequately humidify a whole room.
  • Small water tank will need to be refilled daily. Depending on output setting and condition of the air, a full tank of water should last 7-14 hours.


The pureguardian™ H1010 is a simple solution for adding humidity to your personal area while at work or when staying in a hotel room. It is designed small enough to be easily portable yet still large enough to humidify for more than a couple hours without running out of water. It has many of the desired features found in pureguardian's full-sized ultrasonic humidifiers but can only adequately humidify the air in a small area. Its 3-year warranty and no need for replacement parts makes the H1010 a very good value for its price.

pureguardian™ H1010 Ultrasonic Humidifier


pureguardian™ H1010 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Technical Specifications of pureguardian™ H1010 Ultrasonic Humidifier

  pureguardian™ H1010 Ultrasonic Humidifier
Tank Capacity
Tank Capacity 0.21 gallons (4 cups)
Auto Shut-Off
Auto Shut-Off Yes
Type of mist
Type of mist Cool
Refill Light
Refill Light Yes
Humidistat No
Power Supply
Power Supply AC120V, 60Hz; 18 watts
Weight 1.5 lb
Dimensions 8.5"H x 8"W x 3.5"D
Warranty 3-Year Limited

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