Stadler Form Eva Ultrasonic Humidifier


Get precise and convenient humidification with the Stadler Form Eva Ultrasonic Humidifier. Adaptive Humidity™ technology automatically adjusts levels for optimal comfort. The Stadler Form Eva ultrasonic humidifier offers warm or cool mist, can be placed on the floor, and offers precise humidification with an external sensor in the remote control. AllergyBuyersClub is an authorized Stadler Form dealer. 

Color: Black
  • Can be placed on the floor
  • Remote control with built-in humidity sensor
  • 1.66-gallon water tank with a carrying handle
  • Includes an anti-calc cartridge
  • Humidification range of 30–75%
  • Output levels: 5
  • Cool mist mode default
  • Button for warm mist mode
  • Water level indicator
  • Aroma therapy compatible
  • Includes the Eva humidifier, Ionic Silver Cube™, Anti-calcium cartridge and cleaning brush
Most humidifiers have erratic output of moisture levels, therefore making it difficult if not impossible to maintain a constant relative humidity. The Stadler Form Eva humidifier employs a unique technology called Adaptive Humidity™ when being operated in it's auto mode. This allows the Eva to automatically adjusts it's output level to quietly and efficiently reach and maintain your desired humidity level between 30–75% in spaces up to 860 square feet. Our product review team really appreciated the design and complete functionality of the remote control, it's included stand and the very simple fact that we were able to humidify without causing damage, spots or dampness from un-evaporated mist.

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