SEBO FELIX Onyx Replacement Exhaust Microfilter


Sebo Felix Premium upright vacuum cleaners with power head and parquet floor brush. Sebo vacuums have anti-allergy hospital grade S-class filtration, making them an ideal vacuum cleaners for those with allergies and asthma. Includes crevice, upholstery nozzles, and parquet floor tool for extra detailed cleaning. Reports by consumer experts. 60-Day Risk Free Trial for all Sebo Vacuums!

The Felix is the most unique upright vacuum we have seen. It is a true fusion between design and function offering great filtration, wonderful maneuverability, strong suction power and amazing cleaning versatility into a lightweight upright vacuum design. The Felix's ability to fit with a variety of tools as well as remove the floor tool and carry it around as a portable canister, lets the Felix fit your every need. The Felix is a great representation of Sebo's desire to make user friendly vacuums that are easy to maintain and designed to last for years.

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