Sebo Essential G Upright Vacuum Cleaners


Sebo essential G1 and G2 upright vacuum cleaners offer manual carpet height adjustment, 3 step filtration system, and flat profile to clean underneath furniture. Sebo vacuum ratings, reviews and comparisons. Reports on Sebo vacuums by consumer experts. 60-Day Risk Free Trial for all Sebo Vacuums!

  • S-classhospital-grade filtration: three stages of filtration and air-tight construction results in 99.9% effectiveness to 0.3 microns
  • High performance German-made quality
  • Edge-to-edge cleaning: G1 has 12” cleaning path, G2 has 15” cleaning path
  • Strong Suction brush roller action lifts the carpet fibers and removes dirt and pet hair
  • Three on-board tools and instant-use active wand and flexible hose provide an 8-foot reach for effective cleaning
  • User friendly: features an ergonomichand grip, convenient carrying handle and a 40-foot cable
  • Adjustable brush height: 4-level manual adjustment with indicator for brush correct setting
  • Flat-to-the-floor profile lowers 180°, required clearance of only 5.5'
  • Automatic shut-down for when brush roll senses a clog or blockage to protect the motor
  • Easy to remove clogs: with no belts on brush roller, objects are easy to pull out without removing brush roll
  • Easy and convenient filter bag and brushroller change
  • 7 year warranty: on the motor, 5 year on parts and labor charges. The warranty only covers normal household use, commences on the date of purchase, and only applies to residents of the USA.
The Sebo Essential G upright vacuum cleaners are designed for carpeted homes. They are not a fancy vacuum but instead improve on the basic functions of an upright vacuum, power, filtration, and easy to use. It has a lightweight user friendly design that has power control on the handle and a 4 stage manual brush height adjustment on the power head. However, don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the controls, inside the Essential G is an electronic controller that acts as a brain monitoring a warning system that not only alerts the user to problems such as clogs, a worn brush, a full bag, improper brush height for floor type, but also will automatically shut the vacuum off to prevent over heating or damage. The Essential G vacuums have excellent suction power fueled by their 1300 single speed motor. They easily remove deep embedded dirt and rejuvenate carpet pile on the first pass. Though you have to manually adjust the brush height for optimal cleaning effectiveness as you move from one carpet type to the next, the power head lends a helping hand by signaling if you are not on the optimum height setting illuminating a red light. If you have a large home with an open floor plan the Essential G2 with a 15" power head will let you cover more area in a shorter amount of time. For those with smaller homes or lots of furniture the Essential G1 is a better option because of its smaller 12" power head. The Essential G vacuums are not designed to clean bare flooring. This limitation should be taken into consideration when purchasing this vacuum. We would have liked the Essential G's to include the option to turn the brush roll off so they could be used on bare floors. Also, the G series power heads do not have a seal strip behind the brush roll like the power heads on the X series which would have allowed them to be used on bare floors without kicking dirt around. However, on the flip side, this makes the Essential G series the perfect choice for someone who has wall to wall carpeting and wishes to maximize their cleaning. The Essential G is the lightest upright vacuum made by Sebo, contributing to its ease of use. They work great on all types of carpets and do an awesome job at sucking up pet hair. The vacuum comes with a very high quality crevice tool, upholstery tool and dusting brush. The crevice tool and upholstery tool are stored on the back of the vacuum where they are always ready to use along with the instant-use wand and suction hose. We recommend the purchase of the handheld turbo brush and the 3 piece attachment set for a complete set of cleaning tools to tackle all your cleaning needs. We have sold Sebos for many years with zero complaints and very little returns. That is a pretty impressive track record. These are powerful, upright vacuum cleaners and are built to last for 15 to 20 years.

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