Pelican Scent Bar (3-pack)


Elevate your shower experience with the Pelican Scent Bar (3-pack). Enjoy a spa-like experience with the refreshing ocean breeze scent and the convenience of this 3-pack. Bring relaxation to your everyday with this must-have essential!

  • Filters Chlorine, Chloramines and other synthetic chemicals
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors from your water
  • Reduces dry skin, flakiness and fading of color treated hair
  • Maintains shower pressure
  • Dual-flow shower head. Switch between high-flow & water conservation
  • Eco-friendly water-saving flow rate of 2.0 GPM
  • Operating temperature up to 115° F
  • Filter lasts 15,000 gallons or 750 ten minute showers
  • Quick Connect for simple and easy filter change
  • Easy Installation
  • Convenient clip for shower accessories
  • Refreshing Ocean Breeze scent bar for relaxing aromatherapy
  • NSF Certified
  • 1 year warranty

    Importance of Shower Filtration:
    Exposure to chlorine in the shower can cause symptoms of brittle hair, dandruff, dry skin, and red irritated eyes. Medical studies also suggest that chlorine can agitate pre-existing asthma or eczema as well as increase the risk of serious illnesses. Since 50% of our daily exposure comes from showering, it is important to shower in clean, filtered water.
It is estimated that the steam created from showering in your bathroom contains up to 100 times the amount of chlorine than found in the water. This is because chlorine evaporates out of the water at a relatively low temperature. If you bathe or shower in unfiltered tap water you are inhaling and absorbing dangerous, toxic chlorine into your body. The purpose of chlorine in our water is to keep the water free from harmful bacteria and waterborne diseases right up until the time of use. This is when the chlorine should be removed by a quality home water filtration system. The Pelican shower filter removes 96% of chlorine to protect you and your family from the immediate and long-term damaging effects of dangerous chemicals. Enjoy the many health benefits in addition to softer hair and skin, with the Pelican PSF-1 Premium Shower Filter.