Ladybug Tekno 2350 TANCS Vapor Steam Cleaners - Standard Package

SKU: AV VS K2350

Ladybug Tekno 2350 continuous refill vapor steam cleaners review and comparison. Steam cleaners with TANCS are great for hospital, office or home steam cleaning and kill germs, bacteria, mold, mildew and dust mites. Free shipping & 30-day no hassle return policy.

Standard - Includes 1 Quart 212 Formula, 1 filler pad set, and 6 towels.

Base Model - Includes with all attachments and Trolley only

Style: Base
  • Lightweight commercial grade vapor steam cleaner with self-monitoring "dry" steam generator
  • Continuous fill, non-pressurized water reservoir
  • Equipped with TANCS (Thermal Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation)
  • Pressure gauge for maximum efficiency
  • Flexible hose with EZ as 1-2-3 steam volume control at the handle
  • Digital pressure and temperature status panel featuring continuous operational updates
  • Low water light plus audible signal
  • Comes standard with high quality accessory set
  • Large swivel wheels for easy movement
  • Comes with Trolley Cart and all tools Pictured
  • Splash proof design
  • Made in Italy
  • Boiler Temperature: 324°F
  • Operating Pressure: 80 psi
  • Continuous Refill: Yes
  • Pressure Gauge: Yes
  • Tank Capacity: Boiler capacity: 1 qt. Reservoir tank capacity: 2.9 qt.
  • Heat up time: 6 - 10 minutes
  • Operating Time: Continuous fill system
  • Hose length: 6.7 ft.
  • Power Cord Length: 15 ft.
  • TANCS equipped: Yes
  • Boiler Construction: Stainless steel
  • Wattage & Power Consumption : 1700 W, 14.2 amps, 120V
  • Dimensions: 16";H x 12";W x 16";D
  • Weight: 13 lbs without water
  • Warranty: Lifetime boiler
If you are serious about removing germs and grime from your home the Ladybug Tekno 2350 is just for you. With TANCS technology, the Tekno is ideal for those with a compromised immune system, severe allergies or asthma or those looking to sanitize their homes, day cares, hospices, nurseries or veterinary clinics. A digital pressure and temperature control panel allows for easy monitoring of steam quality with convenient steam volume controls on the handle and a continuous fill water reservoir. The Tekno cuts through grease, dirt and soap scum quickly and effectively without the use of harsh chemicals. Say goodbye to mold, mildew dust mites, even bed bugs. There is even an optional trolley cart for easy maneuvering and storage. If you are looking for superior green cleaning with sanitization and disinfecting capabilities, the Ladybug Tekno 2350 is sure to amaze and impress.

Customer Reviews

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I was developing a sensitivity to cleaning chemicals and was skeptical that a steamer could clean as well or without causing a wet mess. I still can't believe what a great design this machine is - no waiting to refill during a job, quiet, removes all kinds of stains (including very old carpet stains on white carpet!) and reaches areas that scrubbing pads and even toothbrushes cannot. I had been looking at these machines for three years and finally bought this Ladybug. I will never be without one. It also dramatically reduced the allergens (plus my chemical sensitivity) in my house. I still have to use a chemical cleaner for limescale in the shower, but overall this machine is worth every cent. I found myself cleaning all kinds of things just to see what it could do. Also, I thought I'd be using up towels like crazy, but that is far from the case - the steamer is much drier than I'd have thought and I am using fewer paper towels (to wipe hairs or grub afterward) than I did rinsing chemical cleaners. For the floors alone, this steamer is a huge time saver and much more effective. And I absolutely noticed immediately that surfaces felt much cleaner than with chemicals. No residue at all (had never noticed the chemicals I used before had left residue!) and that kind of blew my mind.
Amazed and grateful!

Kathryn Kastner

Excellent Hot Temperature. Thoroughly cleans anything. Especially satisfying for treating viruses, dust mites and difficult corners. Very relieved to treat all floors, every corner in bathroom, kitchen and bedroom- during the covid-19 pandemic. Shower stall, door handles, toilet. Love it.