Ginesis Healthy Hair Natural Baby Shampoo


Ginesis Pure and Natural Baby Shampoo will gently clean hair in children and adults using the finest of naturally occurring plants and extracts only.

Size: 16 oz
  • Pure, natural and safe shampoo that does not interfere with your child's health
  • Gently cleanses the hair and scalp using only the finest and naturally occurring plants and extracts
  • Detergent-free and does not contain harmful sulfates, glycols or artificial colors
  • Prevents harsh chemicals from penetrating the skin barrier and interfering with normal growth and tissue formation
  • Also recommended for transplant recipients, chemo-therapy patients and for anyone who wishes to maintain problem-free hair and scalp
  • Goes a long way – just a dab will work
  • Ingredients: Purifed water, cotyledon plant extract, cocomide, NATURAL glycerin, fennel extract, hops extract, balm mint, yarrow extract, mistletoe extract, matricaria extract, natural citric
  • Sizes available: 8 oz (shown in picture), 16 oz, 32 oz, 128 oz.