CeraGuard CFMM-CG Multi-Media Replacement Filter


The CeraGuard Ultra-Filtration system has been discontinued. Replacement filters are available below.

  • Incorporates the latest filtration technology to provide great tasting, contaminant free drinking water
  • Uses a combination of innovative filtration technologies to reduce unwanted contaminants:
    • CFCM-CG Mixed carbon bedded filter module is designed to reduce or remove chemical contaminants from your water supply. The large surface area of the carbon pore structure provides good adsorptive sites for substances that contribute to bad tastes and odor.
    • The CFMM-CG multi-media bedded filter module is designed to reduce/remove metals and organics and bound to water. Lead, Arsenic, Copper, Aluminum, Fluoride are contaminants reduced by this filter module.
    • The uniquely designed CFHF-CG Hollow Fiber Ultra-filtration module removes suspended solids, colloids and fine silt particles that will prematurely clog traditional filtration cartridges. This filter is designed as a barrier to cysts (Giardia Lamblia and Cryptosporidium), bacteria and virus.
  • Despite the ultra-filtration process, the CeraGuard filter system still retains essential minerals in water which are beneficial to health
  • Independent studies show 99.9999999% reduction of cysts, 99.999% reduction of virus and 99.9999% bacteria reduction
  • The filters in the CeraGuard system are also designed to reduce the following contaminants:
    • >98% reduction of lead, mercury, copper, nickel and chromium
    • >95% reduction of chlorine
    • >90% reduction of chloramines and volatile organic chemicals (VOC's)
    • >85% reduction of arsenic (iii and v) and fluoride
    • >95% reduction of herbicides and pesticides
    • >95% reduction of THM's
  • Includes 4 gallon tank which significantly enhances the faucet flow rate
  • Flexible design allows the system to be placed in other locations due to space limitations
  • Includes attractive chrome faucet and installation kit
  • Plumber installation kit included
We are excited to offer a system that utilizes a unique filtration combination that performs like a Reverse Osmosis system but still retains essential minerals in the water. Most filtration systems that are able to reduce contaminants to the level of micro filtration also remove the minerals from your system. Minerals in the water, such as magnesium and calcium, are essential to the body's well being and health. Studies have shown that when minerals are removed from the water you must remineralize your system and drinking demineralized water will actually cause the body to lose these essential minerals. The water from the CeraGuard ultra filtration system retains the minerals essential for your health as well as reducing contaminants. The mixed carbon bedded filter and multi-media bedded filter reduces unwanted contaminants such as bacteria, lead, VOC's, chlorine taste and odor, pesticides and much more. Overall, we found the CeraGuard system of exceptional quality and is fully designed to provide great tasting and healthy water.

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