AquaCera EF MultiMedia Filter


AquaCera EcoFast Quick Change Under Sink Water Filter System #W9332413. Includes MultiMedia filter and DIY installation kit. Aquacera EF system with multimedia filter removes chlorine, particles, cysts and lead. See ratings and reviews.

  • Under sink water filtration system
  • Compact design
  • Point of use water filtration
  • Cold water use only
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quarter-turn filter cartridge removal
  • Automatic built-in shut off valve
  • Filter removes from housing
  • Only used filter is discarded
  • 1/4" push fit connections
  • DIY installation
  • Includes installation kit: EZ adaptor, connecting tubing (1/4"), faucet connector, chrome faucet
  • Includes EF MultiMedia filter #W9410103
  • System Reduction:
    • Cyst: 100% based on 135,000 microspheres
    • Chlorine: >96.7% 1000 gallons @ 2.0 PPM
    • Particulate: 99.5% Class 1 (0.5 - 0.9 micron)
    • Lead Reduction: >99.3% based on 6000 gallons @ 144 PPM
  • Housing and filter is NSF tested to meet Standards 42 and 53
We love the compact size and functionality of the AquaCera EcoFast Quick Change Under Sink Water Filtration System. The MultiMedia filter produces great-tasting, safe drinking water that is clean, clear and odor free. What really sets this system apart from the others is how easily it comes apart for cleaning or changing the filter and how you only discard the used filter instead of the entire filter cartridge at the end of its useful life. The EF water filtration system is easy to install on your own, just follow the instructions and use the included DIY installation kit. The hardest part will be figuring out where you want to place the unit and the faucet. If your sink top does not have an extra hole for a water filtration system you will need to drill a hole to connect the the water supply hose to the faucet. An under sink water filtration system is a great option for someone who has limited space around their sink or do not want see the water filter. Point of use water filtration systems are an affordable water purification solution for renters or those who can't or do not want to install a whole house water filtration system.

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