Pridiom PMS091CL Classic 9,000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioners

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The Pridiom PMS091CL Classic 9,000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner has been discontinued.

The Pridiom Classic Mini Split Series is designed for efficiently and to precisely maintain your desired set temperature. The Classic Series features 3-modes: Cooling: when the system is set to cooling mode the fan on the indoor unit will always run. The fan running constantly allows the system to continuously sample the air so as to determine whether the compressor should be turned on. The fan also works to constantly clean the air and to boost comfort levels in the space., Heating: when the system is set to heating mode the indoor fan will only run when the heating element is at the correct temperature and the system is calling for heat. Auto-mode: the system provides auto changeover. Within a +/- 2°F window, the system will sense the difference in air temperature and set point and will change modes between heating and cooling to maintain the set point temperature. Features 9,000 BTUs of power for areas up to 400 square feet, a smart remote control, auto restart, sleep mode, quiet operation, eco-friendly R410a coolant and high Energy Star efficiency ratings. Includes all required installation parts including refrigerant line. 5-year compressor warranty, 3-year parts warranty.
  • Requires a permanent cooling and heating solution for a room up to 400 square feet
  • Has an ineffective cooling and heating system and requires supplemental cooling for a room or area
  • Is looking to cool a room for a special application such as a server room, garage or workshop

  • Offers 9,000 BTUs
  • Cools or heats up to 400 square feet
  • Wireless remote control
  • Auto restart- the system will automatically restart following a power failure
  • Sleep mode
  • Superior low ambient operation and performance
  • Aqua-Krome Gold - a gold coating helps shed water from the system's evaporator coils to prevent mold, mildew and bacterial growth
  • High energy efficiency ratings
  • Follow Me feature allows remote control to be used as the temperature sensor so that the room temperature is controlled at the location of the remote
  • Cooling mode
  • Heating mode
  • Auto mode - the temperature is maintained within 2 degrees of thermostatic settings
  • Professional installation is required for this product
  • Includes: Evaporator Model PWS091CL, Condenser Model POS091CL, Installation Kit KIT091HX, Remote Control, Owner's Manual

Pridiom Classic Single Zone Condenser

Aqua-Krome Gold™ - a gold hydrophilic coating designed to help shed water that forms on the system’s evaporator coil, faster and more efficiently than any other coating on the market, thus minimizing the chances of mold, mildew and bacterial growth.
Most manufacturers of mini-split air conditioners require their customers to purchase refrigerant lines and an installation kit separate from the evaporator and condenser. Pridiom includes your refrigerant lines with the purchase of a mini split air conditioner. This prevents additional costs simplifying the purchasing process. Professional installation of this product is required.


  • Everything is included
  • Energy Star rated
  • Smart Follow Me remote thermostat system is economical
  • 24-hr timer ensures you come home to a cool environment
  • Auto restart automatically restarts the mini split after a power failure


The Pridiom Classic Mini Split Series is an excellent solution for anyone who currently lives or works in an environment that does not offer sufficient cooling or heating through the existing HVAC system. Mini splits are easier to install than extending air ducts and is more affordable than upgrading existing heating/ cooling equipment. The Pridiom PMS091CL mini split is packaged with everything needed to install the system but an HVAC installation professional is highly recommended. This 9,000 BTU system will effectively cool or heat an area or room up to 400 square feet. It even offers a dry mode for extremely humid days to improve the effectiveness of it's moisture extraction capabilities, offering you a dry, cool place to rest and enjoy your free time.

Pridiom PMS091CL Classic 9,000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner


Pridiom PMS091CL Classic 9,000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner

Technical Specifications of Pridiom PMS091CL Classic 9,000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner

  Pridiom PMS091CL Classic 9,000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner Controls
Air Conditioner Controls Onboard and wireless remote
Max. Room Size (8 ft. ceiling)
Max. Room Size (8 ft. ceiling) 400 sq ft
BTU per hr Cooling
BTU per hr Cooling 9,000
EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio)
EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) 15
Air Conditioners Fan Speeds
Air Conditioners Fan Speeds 3
Refrigerant R410a
Recommended Circuit Amps
Recommended Circuit Amps 4.5 Amps
Insulation Kit Included
Insulation Kit Included Yes
Timer Yes
Auto Restart
Auto Restart Yes
Warranty 5-Year Compressor; 3-Year Parts; 1-Year Limited Labor

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