PARI Vortex® Non Electrostatic Valved Holding Chambers – optimal delivery with no static charge

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The PARI Vortex® Non Electrostatic Valved Holding Chambers has been discontinued.

Asthma treatment products. Valved holding chambers, MDI spacers. Vortex non-electrostatic valved holding chamber by PARI Respiratory Equipment. Aluminum chamber has no static charge, less wasted medication. Consistent, targeted drug delivery. Fits variety of MDI's and masks. Ratings, Customer Reviews.

The PARI Vortex non electrostatic valved holding chamber was developed to deliver aerosol medications in the most effective way. The Vortex represents a revolutionary breakthrough in holding chamber technology featuring an anodized aluminum holding chamber that has no electrostatic charge. Its non electrostatic chamber and cyclonic inspiratory flow pattern ensure optimal delivery of medication to the lungs with a more consistent dose every time. Child-friendly and easy to use. Fits all major brands of metered dose inhalers.

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  • Has trouble coordinating their inhaled breath with Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) medication release
  • Wants more efficient and effective use of their MDI
  • Wants consistent, easy to use, optimal drug delivery to the lungs

  • No Static: anodized aluminum holding chamber has no electrostatic charge. (Conventional plastic holding chambers retain a constant electrostatic charge that attracts and traps aerosol particles onto the wall of the chamber, reducing the amount of medication available for inhalation.)
  • Optimal Delivery: the non-electrostatic chamber ensures a more consistent medication dose treatment after treatment, day after day. It also has no delay between medicine release and inhalation.
  • User Friendly: non-electrostatic chamber extends the amount of time MDI users have to inhale their medication making it easier for children and adults to use since it requires less technique-dependent coordination
  • Improved Airflow Pattern: the MDI receptacle is uniquely designed to create a cyclone inspiratory flow pattern that optimizes aerosol delivery; it increases the suspension time of the aerosol particles so they are available longer for inhalation – ideal for low flow rates
  • Unique Valve: patent-pending duck bill shaped valve requires minimal inspiratory effort to open and close
  • Clear Mouthpiece: allows for visual confirmation of the drug delivery into the chamber
  • Universal Fit: MDI receptacle fits all major brands of MDIs and is compatible with new HFA MDI formulations
  • Optional Masks: Baby Whirl duck mask for toddlers ages 1-2 yrs, Spinner duck mask for children 3+, and Adult mask available for use with the Vortex valved holding chamber
  • Compact and Portable: lightweight at 2.6oz and will easily fit in a purse or jacket pocket - 6"L x 2"D
  • Dishwasher Safe: with durable construction that lasts (insurance usually replaces holding chambers every 1 to 2 years)
  • Latex Free to protect against allergies

Vortex Efficiency Diagram

Duck bill valve

Available with Pediatric Masks

Your Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) releases a cloud of medicine into the holding chamber. The valved holding chamber contains the medicine while you inhale it in one or two slow, deep breaths. The special valve is designed to open upon inhalation and close on exhalation to contain the medicine in the holding chamber. The use of a valved holding chamber with your MDI prevents problems with timing and coordination of your inhale breath and release of medicine. It makes inhalation easier and reduces coughing.

If you don't use your MDI in the right way, a lot of your medicine is wasted and ends up in your mouth, throat, and stomach or in the air. A valved holding chamber targets the medicine to your lungs reducing this waste and also helps prevent yeast infections in your mouth (know as thrush).

PARI Vortex® Non Electrostatic Valved Holding Chambers


PARI Vortex® Non Electrostatic Valved Holding Chambers

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  PARI Vortex® Non Electrostatic Valved Holding Chambers

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Warranty: 6 month warranty

Availability: Usually ships within 1-2 days

PLEASE NOTE: We are required to obtain a doctor's prescription for this product. You are welcome to order first and then fax the prescription to us at 781-843-2163 with your order confirmation number referenced.

Due to state laws, we cannot ship asthma relief products to California.
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