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The PARI Trek® S Compact Compressor Nebulizer Systems has been discontinued.

The PARI Trek S compact compressor delivers performance in a small, portable package. The Trek S compressor comes with the PARI LC Sprint breath enhanced reusable nebulizer designed for fast, consistent, efficient delivery of medication to the lungs. The PARI Trek S compressor nebulizer system is ideal for active lifestyles. Packaged with an AC adaptor, DC adaptor, and optional battery pack this system offers the flexibility for treatments at home, in the car or on the go.

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  • Has asthma and lives an active life style
  • Wants the freedom to have treatment wherever they go

  • Compact and portable design weights only 0.9 lbs or 1.2 lbs with battery attached
  • Fast delivery of medication in only 5 to 6 minutes - about half the time of other compressor nebulizer systems
  • Consistent, effective delivery of medications to the lungs – minimal medication waste
  • Easy to maintain and clean – nebulizer is dishwasher safe and last for 6 months
  • Nebulizer stores on the side of the compressor
  • Long lasting filters last for 500 hours
  • Multi-voltage (100 -240V) AC adapter automatically adjusts to the incoming voltage
  • 12V DC adapter allows operation from most vehical, RV, or boat power outlets
  • Rechargeable lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery provides up to 50 minutes of continuous use – fully charges in two hours
  • System includes: PARI Trek S compressor, 2 PARI LC Sprint nebulizers, carrying case, instructional DVD, instructions for use, AC adapter, and 12V DC car adapter.
  • Combination Pack includes all the above plus the rechargeable Li-Ion battery

  • PARI LC® Sprint Reusable Nebulizer is the top-of-the-line reusable LC® nebulizer and offers:
    • short treatment times on average less than 5 minutes (treatment time is always a variable based on patient's age and condition)
    • provides consistent efficient delivery of medication to the lungs
    • is easy to clean (boilable and dishwasher safe)
    • features breath-enhanced technology for minimal medication waste and cost effectiveness
    • replace every 6 months
  • PARI Bubbles the Fish™ II Pediatric Aerosol Masks featuring PARI Pro-Vent™ Technology:
    • Compatible with all PARI LC® reusable nebulizers
    • Front load design directs aerosol toward the patient’s mouth
    • Cut-out surface vents dramatically reduce facial and ocular deposition of aerosol particles
    • Safer and more efficient aerosol delivery
    • Minimal medication waste from reduced aerosol impaction on mask
    • Soft, latex free material
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Replace every 6 months

Bubbles the Fish II Pediatric Mask

PARI LC Sprint Reusable Nebulizer

PARI Trek S without battery

PARI Trek® S Compact Compressor Nebulizer Systems


PARI Trek® S Compact Compressor Nebulizer Systems

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  PARI Trek® S Compact Compressor Nebulizer Systems

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Warranty: 3 year warranty

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PLEASE NOTE: We are required to obtain a doctor's prescription for this product. You are welcome to order first and then fax the prescription to us at 781-843-2163 with your order confirmation number referenced.

Due to state laws, we cannot ship asthma relief products to California.
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