PAB3-1T Dehumidifier Pump and Tubing

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PAB3-1T Dehumidifier Pump and Tubing

For constant drainage of dehumidifier where no floor drain is available and the only option is a sink, window or location in the floor above the room.

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Dehumidifiers can be relentless, requiring constant attention, including frequently emptying a heavy bucket. Save yourself the time and aggravation with a condensate pump that will continuously remove water as needed and is ideal for applications requiring higher lift and greater capacity. This condensate pump adapts to every dehumidifier we carry and comes standard with a 20 ft. hose.

We also offer several dehumidifiers with pumps that are built-into the dehumidifier for basements, homes and commercial applications.

PAB3-1T Dehumidifier Pump and Tubing are ideal for someone who...

  • Owns a dehumidifier without an internal pump.
  • Prefers to continuously drain their dehumidifier rather than having to empty the bucket but does not have a floor drain.
  • The area where the water is to be drained to is off the floor like a sink, window, or the floor above the room.
  • They cannot or do not wish to elevate their dehumidifier from the floor to assist the flow of water into the drainage location.
  • Would prefer a pump that is very quiet and does not continuously run.
  • Wants a unit that can pump up to 15 feet vertically and several times horizontally along the ground.

  • Four-quart plastic reservoir
  • Thermally protected 115 or 230 VAC 3,000 rpm motor with stainless steel shaft
  • 22 maximum lift
  • Suitable for gas condensing furnace applications
  • Inlets: 1-1/8" and 1-3/8", 3/4" FNPT at base available; Outlet: barbed 3/8" ID tubing
  • Factory installed full-flow check valve
  • 6 foot power cord and molded plug
  • Available with auxiliary safety switch
  • Available with 20' of 3/8" vinyl tubing

Pump Front

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PAB3-1T Dehumidifier Pump and Tubing


PAB3-1T Dehumidifier Pump and Tubing

Technical Specifications of PAB3-1T Dehumidifier Pump and Tubing

  PAB3-1T Dehumidifier Pump and Tubing
Motor 115 VAC 3,000 rpm motor
Electrical 115V 2.2A
Inlet size
Inlet size 2 Inlets 1-1/8" & 1-3/8"
Pipe discharge size
Pipe discharge size 3/8" in diameter
Reservoir capacity
Reservoir capacity 4 qt.
Inlet heights
Inlet heights 1-1/8" & 1-3/8"
Max temp
Max temp 110° F
Sealed reservoir
Sealed reservoir No
Tubing 20 ft. hose included
Power Cord
Power Cord 6 ft.
Weight 7 lbs.
Dimensions 9.25"W x 6.0"D x 9.75"H
Warranty 3-year warranty after installation

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