Pure Wool Moisture Protector Crib Mattress Pads

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The Crib Pure Wool Moisture Protector Mattress Pad has been discontinued.

Our pure untreated wool moisture pads are perfect for your baby's crib. Wool is all natural and makes the perfect mattress pad to keep your baby's sleeping environment safe and healthy. Wool is naturally resistant to fire, bacteria, mold, dust mites, and water. These properties make this pure wool moisture pad the ideal mattress pad to protect your baby and crib mattress from moisture and allergies. This moisture pad is 100% chemical free, guaranteeing you baby is safe from toxins and harmful chemical off-gassing.
  • Wants all natural moisture protect for their baby's sleeping environment.
  • Wants a safe and healthy mattress protector for their baby that is easy to clean.
  • Prefers flame resistant nursery bedding without chemicals - wool is naturally flame resistant.
  • Wants a mattress pad that responds to an infant's fluctuating body temperature, no matter what the season, so baby stays comfortable.

    *Health care professionals advise infants be placed on their back or side when put to sleep

  • Construction: 1/8' layer of moisture resistant 100% pure and untreated wool from the Pacific Northwest USA (super soft - not scratchy like most other wool moisture pads on the market)
  • Purpose: protects mattress from liquid damage and bacteria growth and keeps baby dry, healthy and safe
  • Easy to Care for: Wool rarely needs washing because bacteria and mold do not grow on wool, pad can be spot cleaned or machine washed and air dried
  • Wool naturally resists: moisture, mildew, mold, bacteria, dust mites and fire
  • Manufactured all-natural without the use of chemicals - No carbonizing, moth proofing or shrink proofing is used
  • Happy Sheep: Wool is from free range sheep who graze in large areas and are fed a good diet, free from hormones and antibiotics
They can be machine washed in cold water, delicate cycle, line dry or lay flat. Do not put them in the dryer or direct sunlight to dry. Only wash when soiled.
Simply place the wool moisture pad over the crib mattress. Then make the crib mattress as usual by putting on the a fitted sheet or crib dust mite encasing over the crib mattress pad. Do not leave a wet pad on the mattress for a long time.
Made from USA wool. Manufactured in the USA.

Crib Pure Wool Moisture Protector Mattress Pad


Crib Pure Wool Moisture Protector Mattress Pad

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  Crib Pure Wool Moisture Protector Mattress Pad

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Crib Size - 28"W x 52"L, 1/8" thick
Warranty: 1 year manufacturing warranty against defects.

Please Note: opened bedding is not returnable unless defective as covered under the warranty.

Availability: Usually takes 1-2 days to ship.
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