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The Natural Kapok Pillows has been discontinued.

All natural down alternative Kapok filled pillows feature an organic cotton cover. Durable, washable and hypoallergenic. Kapok pillows are the best all natural down alternative providing a soft and supportive sleeping surface that is healthy -100% free of harmful chemicals and irritating synthetic materials.

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All natural Kapok fill is an ideal natural down alternative. Kapok naturally offers the best properties of silk, cotton, wool and down fills. It's soft yet supportive like silk, with a lighter and fluffier feel than cotton or wool and completely hypoallergenic. Kapok fill is also washable and more durable. Our Kapok pillows are covered in luxurious organic-cotton and are 100% natural and chemical free. If you have been in search for a down alternative pillow that is 100% natural, soft, supportive, lofty and durable, than these Kapok pillows are for you! Available in Standard, Queen and King size with your choice of Light, Medium or Heavy fill. All fill levels have a soft feel for ultimate comfort
  • Wants an all natural down alternative pillow that is washable
  • Wants a natural fill that does not compress as quickly as cotton or wool
  • Wants a natural fill pillow, but prefers more loft than silk
  • Needs a hypoallergenic pillow that does not contain chemicals or synthetic material

  • 100% Natural: covered in organic cotton and filled with natural Kapok fiber
  • Kapok Fill: is a fiber from a renewable source, harvested from the seedpods of the once-sacred Ceiba tree. This tree, known for its medicinal uses, also provides food, shelter and transportation for its ecosystem, including man.
  • Hypoallergenic: kapok is grown and processed without the use of chemicals and is a good natural alternative for those allergic to down or wool.
  • Kapok vs. Cotton: it is 8 times lighter than cotton with a more lofty feel and will not compress as quickly.
  • Kapok vs. Silk: the fiber is soft and silky like silk, providing a supportive yet fluffy feel.
  • Kapok vs. Wool: it is washable, odorless and will not compress as quickly as wool
  • Kapok vs. Down: it has a unique down-like quality but none of the allergens common in down
  • Fill level: available in your choice of light, medium or heavy fill. All fill levels offer a soft feel but with different profile heights. Light fill is recommended for back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers should use a medium fill pillow and those that like a really lofty pillow should choose the heavy fill.
  • Sizes: available in Standard, Queen and King. Sold individually.
  • Vegan: these pillows contain no animal products.
Machine Washable on delicate, cool rinse cycle. Tumble dry on low. Dry completely and fluffy by hand to regain shape and loft.
Imported materials. Made in the USA.
Most people probably haven't felt Kapok fill before so I will make a few general comparisons to help one understand what it feels like. First of all Kapok fill feels similar to silk and very similar to milkweed, as it is the fluff from a seedpod. When stuffed inside a pillow, Kapok has a soft, dense feel with a medium recovery time. It is not as lofty as down and has a slower recovery time, but provides more support to your head and neck while still feeling soft. It has a fuller feel than a silk pillow and offers more support and more loft. It does not have the buoyancy and recovery time of a latex pillow, but has a soft comforting feel and is shapeable. It is softer and lighter weight than a wool or cotton pillow and not nearly as dense. It is also more shapeable than cotton or wool. In comparison to a down alternative, it is similar in softness but the fill is freer inside the pillow making it more scrunch-able and giving it a more natural feel. I have not had it long enough to know how it will compress over time, but I have a feeling it will fair better than wool, cotton or down alternative fill.


  • Soft feel no matter what fill level
  • Supportive to head and neck
  • Very scrunch able, great for side sleepers
  • Maintains comfortable temperature, did not get hot while sleeping
  • Affordably priced for a natural fill
  • Hypoallergenic with all natural fill and organic cover – no chemicals or animal products in this pillow


  • Slight vinegar smell upon opening (dissipates within 24 hrs)
  • Not as lofty as down and has a slower recovery time


I got my new Kapok pillow in the regular fill and luckily the loft and fill weight was perfect for me. I didn’t really know what to expect when I took this pillow home. It felt soft yet dense at the same time, and I was somewhat excited yet apprehensive to sleep on it. I was previously use to sleeping with down alternative and for the last couple of year have been a huge fan of natural latex pillows in both soft and medium firmness (some nights I like more support than the soft delivers). To my surprise I slept all night without reaching for one of my old pillows! That is pretty amazing because sometimes it takes a night or two to get use to a new pillow feel. One of the first things that came to my mind when I started fluffing this pillow my first night of use, was that the fill feels like it could bunch up but so far it hasn't. Throughout the night I sleep in a variety of positions, back, stomach, side. This Kapok pillow felt great in each position providing support and superb comfort. I also like to have my arms under and around my pillow and this pillow was perfect for that! It was soft and conformed around my arm that was under it (which was great because my arm didn’t fall asleep) and it felt soft and full to support my head and neck and satisfy my arm that was hugging it. I am still new to using this Kapok filled pillow but so far it has been great. I wake up with a without a stuffy nose, I do not get too hot sleeping on it, and it works for every sleeping position. I always give the pillow a few fluffs before I go to bed, not because it needs it, but I like it to have a fresh, lofty shape when I go to bed. This pillow is very shapeable and tends to retain the general shape you left it in. Also, it is washable so you have the opportunity to have a pillow with clean fill and a fresh smell.

Natural Kapok Pillows


Natural Kapok Pillows

Natural Kapok Pillows

Natural Kapok Pillows

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  Natural Kapok Pillows

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Size Dimensions (inches) Fill Weight (oz)
Standard 20' x 26' Light: 20
Medium: 24
Heavy: 29
Queen 20' x 30' Light: 24
Medium: 31
Heavy: 39
King 20' x 36' Light: 32
Medium: 38
Heavy: 45

Warranty: Guaranteed to be free from manufacturers defects for 1 year. 30 days return policy for unopened pillow.

Please Note: Opened bedding is NOT returnable unless defective
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